Once again I will make a futile attempt to share the unexplainable. There is no way to communicate true Truth or Spirit. They can only be accepted, realized and shared in realizing the unknown unseen Universe.

Anyone that is a true seeker of “THE” Truth finds that earthly truth (man created) becomes smaller and smaller as it filters through the fires of purity. Humans seek Spirit Truth (nature) and confuse it with Human invented reality. In human life, there are as many (verb small t) truths and realities as there are people, because each has a different conception of it. Each of us perceives and projects an image of personal reality, that everyone has to deal with at some level. If you believe something, then it is the truth and real…for you. If you “KNOW” something then your mind is frozen and closed off. There is no right or wrong in personal Spirit because it is your essence, your nature, a world you invent for yourself through “your” personal understandings.

Spirit Truth (as a noun big T) “IS” and that is all. It CANNOT be changed by your perceptions of it. Real Truth molds you…not you molding it. Truth and certainty cannot be confused as one in the same. Certainty does not a Truth make. If you jump off a building you will die. In all probability you will but is this Truth? No, it is a certainty and a truth of human life. Humans have billions of truths that confuse the “search” for Truth. In reality of Spirit: the search for Truth is a folly because the Spirit of Truth is simply waiting inside each of us. All we need do is “stop searching” and look inward. Simply “realize and accept” that Spirit is in us THEN you become part of the whole and the gates of THE Truth will open. Your inner spirit self is a guide to Truth (big T noun).

The reason humans cannot find the Truth is because they cannot feel themselves and Spirit together as one. Most people “experience” spirit utilizing wonder and awe which is exhilarating and fun. We need to recognize spirit and ourselves as separate and apart, the seen flesh and the unseen power that “IS” THEN two may be realized as one. Spirit is a power that is a part of all things as is life power. We view ourselves as complete and whole and that we experience life, never understanding what is waiting to be discovered inside of us. Seeking the Truth of Spirit and THE Truth takes a conscience willingness to realize and accept that Spirit lives in you and outside of you. There is only one Spirit and it is the seen Universe itself, the unseen creating the seen but all are one. The “life power” that is in you and the flesh that is a you cannot be separated while you live. When they are separated, your atoms go back to the cosmic dust of creation and rebirth. Realization is the key to living life and not simply existing in a constant state of questioning.

To find truth in human life is easy…it is whatever you think it is. Reality is what each of us invents and creates for ourselves. Good or bad It does not matter because it is just two sides on the same coin of living. Is it better to live this way or that? That or this, is for each of us to decide for ourselves.

We invent all kinds of laws, regulations, religions and Gods, all made to create what we believe life is to be. We are so arrogant that we think, we can think for; and know the mind of a conceptualized God. Well of course we know the mind of Gods…we invented them in our image. So what ever we say is the mind of God is true. Whatever we opine and believe is the truth and reality for ourselves IS the truth and real…for each of us individually. Will there ever be an agreement as to which person came up with the perfect reality for everyone? I leave that to you.

But Spirit Truth has none of the things most humans look for. Humans confuse morality or law for Truth. For each enlightenment a truth seeker receives, it is exciting because he feels he is getting closer to THE Truth and in fact he is.

The ancients described “The Truth” as “The great science.” Spirit truth “IS” and that is all. There is nothing else to find. Man was created both Spirit and flesh with his genetics. But Spirit powers are must be an “accepted” part of each of us. Only when we “realize and accept” our Spirit does the true light of Truth and Spirit begin to shine and show the way to the path of the unexplainable unseen power that “IS” THE Truth.

You cannot “find” Spirit or Truth because it already “found” you. It cannot be written on paper or put in a book or made into a video or movie and I or no one else will every truly explain it. The true discovery of Truth and Spirit is a “quite joy” it is the ultimate PEACE. It is a revelation of awakening to the true and real reality, that the seen and unseen are one and the same, the laws of duality creating a singularity. Every person is the same in Spirit, thy simply do not realize it. Differences in creation are what makes the Universe so wonderful and unique. Nothing is ever created the same physically because it is ever changing…we are not clones and nothing else is either. Creation is an process…not an event. But Spirit remains unchanged, perfect and pure as is Truth and LIFE. Everything is a part of the whole in Spirit and Truth and it is IN you…not outside of you.

Until man comes to realize that opinion and belief and personal truth, KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING are meaningless in Spirit our desperate empty “search for Truth” will continue. The Spirit empty…the Truth-less soul of man fueling the insanity of living and frustrations we see in ourselves, the religious wars and our need to invent Gods. Man cannot grasp Truth and Reality to self-govern himself without being with true Spirit. So man invents governments and religion for power and control over himself, because he cannot control himself, without Spirit power in Truth. So man chooses to believe that this is the way things “should” be today and attempts to create it. Man continues to search for an imaginary illusion he likes to call truth. You cannot find Truth. It is in you and can only be realized and accepted…then it will revile itself and your journey “IN TRUTH” will truly begin.

Spirit Truth does not make any demands. Spirit Truth does not judge persecute or reward. Spirit Truth simply “IS”.


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“Am I an alcoholic?” “Can I be cured?”

“Am I an alcoholic?” “Can I be cured?”Image

“Am I an alcoholic?” “Can I be cured?”  These are moot questions. Does it matter? If you have finally decided you have a self-abuse problem with alcohol or drugs or any abusive behavior, it is time for a personal evaluation.

Many people will turn to organizations or religion which is simply a “switch addiction.” I believe it is necessary to get your life back on track and switch to a positive addiction that will truly improve your life. Let’s worry about this part later and move on.

You can “want” to quit drinking. But want’n ain’t get’n! I drank my whole life. I could not do the AA thing (although I did enjoy my time there) and I will not waste your time with my “story” because they are all the same…only the names change.  No amount of vids or AA or a Bible is going to stop/force you from drinking, you can learn from these things but that is all. There is only ONE no TWO thing that will stop you! Can you guess what it is? Let me share a few things I learned along the way before I tell you what they are.

1. No one drinks to excess because they want to. AA
2. Every man has a different bottom. Unknown.
3. You live your life in chronological order, prioritized by importance to you. sk1951

These three principals are all you will ever need.

1. First: you need to take a deep look at yourself and your life. Why are you abusing yourself?
2. Most people will not change until something forces them to change. Not a good way to make the “choice” to stop drinking.
3. As long as you live your life dedicated to being a “functional alcoholic” you will always be an alcoholic.

“IF” you decide to be something else, than it must take priority over drinking. You have succeeded in becoming a professional alcoholic but it is time to move on.

Your survival instinct has been compromised. This MUST be addressed.

Alcohol is a drug. It has addictive properties as I am sure you already know. But the life style one “creates” is the hardest thing to brake. It can also feel like your only friend and in reality, it, like all drugs (and women) are very jealous. They want to be the most important thing in your life. And when you try to break free…just like a jealous women, they will do anything they can to hurt you or even kill you.  This is a realization you must find.

“Your bottom” will be when you simply have had enough. It is a “brake up” just like with a lying cheating friend or mate. You leave because your life becomes more important to you than putting up with the physical, mental and emotional pain. “Your relationship” must come to an end. It is strange but many many tears will come from this brake up and often times it is simply too painful to break up. Hence: the continuation of the abusive relationship. So…:

1. Realize you are abusing yourself and not “HAVING FUN ANYMORE!”

2. Realize that the reasons you are questioning and wanting to stop…will not stop. They are going to continue and get worst as time goes on. This “should” scare you.

3. Realize that you truly have a desire to be something besides what you have been. And set a goal to be that thing.

Did you figure out what the two things are that will truly stop you from drinking?






And truly…until you get that one on track you will never have one with anyone else which includes wife, family, friends and even your kids. Is this really that hard a choice to make?

I mean truly…don’t you deserve to have a rich full life? What truly is stopping you? It’s not just the alcohol that much I can guarantee.  I am a brother in the fray…good luck my friend.


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What creates life?

What creates life and God?

To me God is used as a  definition for the invisible powers of life and creation that existed  before creation and are in and around all things and will be here after  all matter is gone again. Whuuuu…So the reality is that “god”  IS all things. Life is ONE thing kinda like Aether power. It is not  broken off for each living thing. It animates life till it does not.  Life is shared by all living things. Life is like an unbroken string  ——v—v—v—-v the v representing life where it has animated some  life form. Death is a misnomer because life and creation is a process not  an event…your “life” does not die…you simply lose your v.

So, there is only the continuation of  life. What was used to create and animate you simply goes back into the  pool of creation and life. Animated Life is a  lucky lotto win…enjoy it while you are aware of it.

So, where is god, as life power defined in this theory, in you? You are god because you are a part of all things. This is my theory and I am sticking to it.

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Satire Antidote: What is the attraction to the God myth?

Satire Antidote: What is the attraction to the God myth?

Husband and wife separated in death by religion. REALLY!!!

Husband and wife separated in death by religion. REALLY!!!

Allow me first to share my analogies and understandings so you may better consider my conundrum:

As a totally unfounded, unsubstantiated, unproven, improbable, mythological fantasy, I can’t imagine the attraction for a “fundamental” belief. But when you add that a belief comes with demands of supremest loyalty, bigotry, hate mongering, inventors of genocidal war and the religious curators of the most horrific examples of torture machines ever known.

Then you add that your life must be shredded and given to God, along with your wife and baptized children, in total subjugation, which includes your money which is promised to return 100 fold; This being worthy of praise from the best confidence men. The attempted result: World conquest and theocratic rule.

Then you are debased with being labeled a horrible sinner, totally undeserving of love from God or anyone else and that anything that makes life truly worth living is bad and evil and must be avoided because; it might take your mind off of God who is very jealous of this. And, if you don’t strictly obey “happily within your heart” you will be cast to the deepest depths of hell fire and damnation and endure the most horrific of all agony for the rest of eternity.

I must then plunge into the heart of “belief” and accept that one God is better than all the other gods. I must believe that knowledge and science is evil and for all things there is only one answer: GOD. I have to sort through endless  ridiculous stories, denounce “lesser” gods, accept devils, minions, flying men and machines and floating gold cities in the sky and know which half-man half-animal creatures are real and which are fantasy. I must believe that the dead will walk one day and that I will find happiness in an afterlife (not here on earth) with this mythical God. This “Father” hanging/crucifying his own son a stratagem death; killing his son “for me” as the answer to life for me. Was this an act of love or one to pile more bone crushing guilt on me?  I must condone this heinous act with drinking his blood and eating his body in thanks and praise.  Truly, I will never be that hungry!

And after all of that, those (me), that do decide to take the plunge into what I consider to be the greatest example of mass phylogenetic delusional insanity ever known, these people are appalled by those (me) that will not come running into their flock to be assimilated and debased into a none thinking drown for religion, these peace loving innocent people (me) being the reason for war, hatred and murder, wishing them all a life in hell but professing love for you! This war justified (in their minds) by their belief in God.

I understand that the reason for all this is to find love, acceptance and a better life. REALLY?

Truly, I don’t think I am that co-dependent or emotionally needy. This behavior of self-imprisonment to create a virtual Stockholm’s syndrome completely baffles and mystifies me. Especially when you consider that the figures approximate 90% of the world’s population. My greatest question; is this truly voluntary or has this assimilation been a product of persistent torturous brutal deadly fear mongering and genocide for thousands of years?

I have people that come to my door like the walking dead to delude me into “joining” them, attempting my assimilation into their madness.  I’m constantly bombarded with prayers to save me and convert me to their “enlightenment and understanding” and endure countless blessings from their God that truly unnerve and frighten me; this uninvited attack to entrap me in my own home? How is this justifiable by any standard of common decency and respect of one’s privacy and their principle beliefs? Yet we allow and endure this repugnant behavior, even condone it, every day.

You may call me paranoid but I believe I have good reason. The world is upside down with religious terrorist wars and murder and has been for thousands of years! Yet these people want to wish me a Merry Christmas and all I here is “Merry continuation of the most horrific example of man’s insanity ever known.”

If one person is delusional he is given help.
If 1000, they are labeled a cult.
If one billion, they are called a GREAT RELIGION!

So, as to my question: What truly is the attraction? Is Truth and Reality truly scarier than all of this?

My prayer: World peace and the abolishment of ignorance.

I would much rather see computers and the internet handed out all over the world instead of all the guns, bombs and machines of war.

Final analogy: If there be a God of peace love truth and reality…I truly see no evidence of it.

I will not suffer for an entity that demands world suffering. JMHO

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The great SEARCH FOR TRUTH, seeking and walking endless paths, looking up to glory, always looking away. Are these searches simply fairytale or were they a malicious intent to defraud you from your realization and acceptance of your inner being and inner Truth. There is no greater power than Truth and Truth is within you…not outside of you. We are all connected to the same Truth that is the Universal mind. The “intelligence” that science keeps looking for but can never find. Why? They are “looking” in the wrong places. These are some points I have realized about Truth.


Truth “is”… Some claim there are truth(s). There is only one Truth. “Truisms” are not The Truth. Truth has been with you all along. You do not and cannot “find Truth.” It is inside you. It is the power of the unseen Universe. It is not a god and does not speak, demand worship or sacrifice. Truth communicates with you through your inner-consciousness that everyone and everything is a part of. You don’t look for Truth…YOU ARE TRUTH! But you can deny it.


Everyone has had an inspiration…a burst of genius beyond what you are normally capable of knowing. Often…if not wrote down, it will slip away because it does not reside in your brain or memory…It did not come from you. Inspiration is a part of Truth. Inspirations are a brief contact with the Universal mind. Tesla said he was not an inventor…he is a discoverer. That everything is already here and his inspirations simply tell him how to assemble it. His visions of inspiration were never ending and drove him to near madness but with incredible acts of genius. His Universal connection was not brief…it was constant and was beyond that of most men. Full inspirational contact appears to the average on looker as insanity or schizophrenia. Many true geniuses have fallen into supposed madness.

“Rational thought imposes a limit to your relationship contact with the cosmos. Sanity is a form of conformity.” John Nash: Nobel Peace Prize winner.


You can deny “our” your Truth and your inner consciousness. The best ways to destroy your inner peace is to believe, opinion, understand and KNOW things that you cannot “know”. Belief is a fool’s game. If you believe, you are a principal player in the game of fools. You are helping to spread the lies. If you profess to believe and in your heart and mind you know that something is wrong, than you have denied your Truth. Will you be punished for this? NO. You will simply live a life of fantasy instead of knowing and living in true reality and freedom. Belief is a trap you put yourself in that denies the Truth. Truth is… Truth has been with you all along. You do not and cannot “find Truth.” It is inside you. It is the power of the unseen Universe. It is the NOTHING that created everything. It is not a god and does not speak or demand worship or sacrifice. Truth communicates with you through your inner-consciousness. You don’t look for Truth…YOU ARE TRUTH! But you can deny it.


It is hard at first to get rid of beliefs, opinions, knowledge, understanding and perceptions. Awareness of how many times a day you use these words will startle you. Why do it? Because they are all invented fantasy and are none reality normally baseless in fact. If you can’t truly “KNOW” IT…DO NOT BEIEVE IT! These are the things that are used to cage and trap your mind, to freeze your mind, used by evil governments and religions. Place what you “know” first. Play with fantasy later.


Knowing Truth does not “set” you free. It “MAKES” you free by opening your heart and mind to Universal Truth. This allows you to see deceptions clearly. Your inner discernment is fully activated and alive. Controlling powers do not want you to know Truth. They want you to be “set free” to fly away like a little bird! Not “MADE” whole to stand your ground with confidence, inner strength and power, that sees right through the lies.


Look past the physical Universe to the NOTHING that is everything and your inner Truth will realize your realization contact and acceptance. THEN you will “know” the TRUTH! Truth is a part of you…like your imagination…it just “is” inside you. You learn to develop your inner connection with acceptance and realization. It takes time. The more time you take…the greater your realization of Truth grows.


Stop trying to understand things that will NEVER be understood. Understanding is of the seen Universe not of the Unseen. We can only realize and learn…but we will truly NEVER understand anything in Truth! Understanding and belief stops you from continuing on to greater learning, realization and acceptance of Truth. Truth will open your mind to “our” Universal intelligence and you will feel a freedom you have never felt before. Truth…MAKES…you FREE! Peace is true freedom.

Imagine a world where only Truth and Reality exists in our lives.

A world where only Truth, honesty, peace and love… beyond all understanding exist.

This is NOT a religious man invented fairytale. This is YOUR part of the Universe of Truth that you need only look inward to find.

Imagine Truth. Picture Truth. You can’t!!! Imagery destroys Truth. If you can invent, picture or imagine Truth…it is not THE Truth.

Don’t play the fools game. (continued)


Did you hear or feel any Truth in the letter? Do you want to run from it? Does it create anger or fear in you? These are normal reaction to Truth. Why…is the great question. Why do we run from Truth? For one…we have seen in history how people who profess the Truth are treated…they are jailed, killed, tortured, impaled, crucified, burned and erased from history. So there is good reason to be afraid!!!!

One of the many sad things I have learned about people is, that the more truthful something is, the more they shy away from it. We have learned (or have been tricked/deceived) into accepting none-reality for reality. We have replaced true reality and Truth with imaginary mythology and violently protect it from discovery. 10 thousand years this has been ongoing. There have been many professors of truth…what happened to them? I will write much more about them.

It has taken me over 40 years of bone crushing realizations to write this simple little letter/blog post. This quest has pushed me to the brink of suicide more than once. I have thousands of pages written over 40 years in attempts to write these simple two pages.

I have stacks of research and hope to one day put together a book called “THE HIDDEN TRUTH” although in reality, I’m not sure I will ever finish it this being the reason why I felt it was important to print the end of the story first.

I have looked at 10 thousand years of human history to discern from it the stratagems played by manipulators, governments and religions to hide the Truth from mankind. This letter is the epilogue. I needed to finally say this, even though I didn’t know for a long time what I was trying to say, it was just a burning need I didn’t fully comprehend. It has been worth the wait. How long have you been waiting to know Truth? Now you know you can only realize and accept it.

When/if I write the book I will start it off with the ending. Then I will begin the long, tedious laborious work to explain and analyze all the deceptions I have found and the reason why even God/gods did not want man to have knowledge of Truth, the proverbial tree, abandoning/banishing man when he tried to learn the Truth. Is this a mythological story? Or is there some Truth to it? And what is the REAL Truth of it all?

This is the greatest epic deception story ever told.

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Religion continues to plague the world through child abuse.


Abusers (they themselves abused) ram religion down the throats of kids before their little brains learn to process and discern reality. They are threatened and scared into compliance but told they are loved. This is the exact method used by kidnapers to create the Stockholm syndrome.

They are forced to love a god that threatens, belittles and berates them. God calling them evil, sinful born of sin, unworthy of god and they killed Jesus with their sin, hung him on a cross and you have to eat his body and blood to be saved. And unless they comply, they will get eternal death and burn in hell, suffering unspeakable pain for all eternity…this is not a joke to a little kid. A dead guy on a cross is over the top, to a kid that is worried about a boogie man in the closet or under the bed.

Religion has been the number one murderous genocidal offender of man kind…yet it is still protected. This is insanity not an illness.

When one person is delusional he gets help. When 1000 are delusional they are a cult. When one billion are delusional they are called a great religion. This is mass phylogenetic illness that produces hallucinations and a belief that fantasy is reality.

The only “proof” of god and religion is ONE book of mythological fantasy and fiction, amalgamated with history to factualise the stories. Religious stratagem originally invented by Roman Flavian Czars to create religious control (shear genius) and to legalize persecution and murder of gentiles, heathen and who ever they wanted with a charge of blasphemy. This is still used today.

This has created a fantasy reality that we all are forced to live in.

MY GOD…can’t people see and understand what is happening? This is evil personified. Calling religion an illness is being way to kind.

At 62 I have been in religions recovery for over 30 years and my life has been totally destroyed by it.

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GOD and YOU in Simplification


GOD and YOU in Simplification

Because the world is accustomed to the works of the Bible I will use it.

Believers believe that God CREATED man.

Genesis 1:26 “Let “us” make Man in “our” image, after “our” likeness.”

Genesis 2:7: And the Lord God formed man of/from the dust of the ground…

Here we see the first mention of multiple gods and of a hire Archy, where it would appear that one of the gods was speaking for all the other gods know as a “LORD” god. The LORD or most high or whatever changed from time to time from assassinations or other mishaps.

How could a God who has no corporal body and who is universally alone say that? Obviously…He would not. The verse does not say “God created man” and in fact says that man was “made” by gods (plural or multiple) and does not say created.

The Divine Eviction and the sin of immorality.

This after eating from the tree of knowledge:

Genesis 3:22/23  22Then the “LORD” God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil; and now, he might stretch out his hand, and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever “– 23therefore the LORD God sent him out from the garden of Eden, to cultivate the ground from which he was taken.…

1. Once again we see a “LORD” God speaking for his entourage of subservient or lesser gods.

2. Man had the mind of the gods from acquiring knowledge becoming “Like one of us…” Man was becoming a god or had already become one.

3. There is great concern that Man will eat from the tree of life also…this fear appearing to be the main reason for banishment.


For me the most starlings of all is the overt admissions to gods existing that have been ignored for the last 2000+ years of dark religious ages.

Man was made and not created. With the blood of god and the red earth, man was made. That is cloning…not creating.

Genesis 2:11: The name of the first [river] is Pishon; it is the one which skirts the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold. 12 And the gold of that land is good.

The gods were gold miners and man was made to work as miners and care takers for the gods. The term that is commonly translated as “worship” was in fact “avod” (“work”). Ancient and biblical Man did not “worship” his earth god; he worked for him much as we still do today.

For more amazing information and analogy check out this site. I have nothing to do with it. I just enjoy sharing and uncovering Religious dogma.

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