Is belief a help or a hindrance?

Attempting a “test drive” for coherency to add to my ongoing research:

Is belief a help or a hindrance?

My 30 year study is to expose the REAL TIME issues. To bring realization and elucidation to the belief issues and problems so we may ALL do a critical analysis of beliefs. Belief and the belief system has simply never been truly analyzed in an open honest, dialectic elucidating, empirical scientific study. What are the true cause and effects of the “belief system?” The world people simply accept that belief is a part of life and many feel it is MANDATORY and of paramount important to us. But is this true?

The study of belief and the “belief system” is HUGE. It spans the history of mankind. The damaging psychology and inherit dangers of belief. The destruction of intellect and discernment thinking. The authoritarian, government and corporation stratagems used for war and control. The “commercialization and industrialization” of belief. The benign and horrific beliefs. The rational and irrational beliefs. Even emotions have a belief base, love and trust are fueled by belief. Virtually every problem mankind is and has faced, has belief at the base or root of the problem.

So why do I share what I have learned? One, to try to help others short cut the 30 years of horrific pain and suffering I went through to discern realize the belief system. And mankind has never had a chance to operate in a REAL: Truth IN Reality…Reality. We have been operating in a “belief based system” for over 5000 years. This goes FAR beyond the range and scope of faith and religions, they are a “symptom” of the belief system. There are many many more symptoms of belief…but only ONE belief system and today it has infected virtually every aspect of human existence.

I think the hate, bigotry, wars and genocide would come to an end if people fully understood what is happening to us and our brains because of the ancient antiquated belief system. My vision is a truly peaceful world people who have evolved from mankind to human kind from the horrific mess we call “civilization” today. We truly CAN know what “Reality” truly is and the Truth that can be found in it.


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Beliefs…where did they come from?

Beliefs…where did they come from?

Ancient superstitions were morphed into “commercialized beliefs” by the authoritarians for power and profit control. Started by the Egyptian commercialized “safe passage” scam selling trinkets (for the poor), book of the dead, mummification, ships for burial and pyramid building, to house all that was needed to appease the many gods the afterlife traveler would encounter…for the rich. Huge profits.

Later…the one god “gate keeper” of the afterlife was invented “selling” the “saved” passage to get you past the gate and gate keeper god, to arrive at the “gated community of forgiven believers” to spend eternity praising and worshiping the gate keeper god…thus…controlling the believer for LIFE, building on the profits of weekly donations, tithing and estate collections. A never ending flow of money for over 2000 years. The funeral business also big business still providing mummification and expensive coffins to protect the body for the eventual “rising from the dead”…belief.

The war machine now trains, funds and sells/gives weapons to the enemy…and then goes to fight them. This also fueled by belief in the governments intentions to be good and honorable. They are doing the right thing protecting America…don’t you believe so?

The hing is “BELIEF” …nothing more. Today the belief system is used at every level of big business from gov. to NASA to AMA patent medicines to Law itself. The “belief system” has created more power, wealth AND control over the belief slaves, than anything man has ever stratagem invented. Belief has created the most horrific inhumanities to man and continues to fuel the never ending genocidal wars that the war industrial complex thrives on. Terrorism itself is belief invented. The war on terror is also belief based…you believe it is real don’t you…you should…they work daily to con-vince you of it? The new face of the enemy is Global Warming and the invasion of space alien wars that will need massive funding.

The study of the history of the belief system is amazing and the psychology behind it is simply diabolical and pure genius…on the part of the authoritarians. 5000 years of this insanity would seem to be enough…but in view of 99% of the world population believing in beliefs…it is NOT going to end anytime soon. Sadly so…


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FEAR motivation and WHAT is Truth?

[This was a study guide written for my sociology class.]

My primary research is a study to elucidate: WHAT IS “belief” and the “belief system?” What is there duality? What “good or bad” has been and is connected to the belief system? What are “rational” and irrational beliefs? What role does fear play in promoting beliefs? What are the psychological ramifications of belief?

I consider the evolution of “intellect” just as important as developing/evolving “intelligence.” Intellect is the thinking/analyzing process that has all the tools of discernment that SHOULD be used when working to learn or realize anything as Truth IN and OF Reality. And most certainly applied before belief or disbelief are invoked.

The danger I have experienced and see in our humanity…is that belief and disbelief are a form of “certainty” that closes the mind and brain to intellect discernment. There is NO thinking discernment in belief…only believing.

I try to steer away from any discussion of the “symptoms” of belief when first presenting a belief psychology study, because symptoms (what is believed as true and real) always becomes to emotional and adversarial. However, I do also work to define what the “symptoms” of belief (cause and effect) are and what part does belief play in mankind’s history, our personal life, society at large, the world population and governments? However, base dialectic elucidating analogy of “what is belief” comes first. The Webster definition of belief does not define what the ancient “belief system” is and there is no study or information of its history.

This is ongoing research so I cannot claim to have any definitive answers yet. Instead…I offer a few statements to open a dialogue/discourse and critical thinking analogy, that hopefully, will help advance belief/system research. The question is…is there any truth, validity or interesting insight to the following statements?

1. Learning how to think and discover with a mind free of opinion, bias, preconceived ideas and beliefs…with a truly open mind, willing to do the many tasks of intellect discernment, is daunting and truly impossible for most people because they/me/we simply have never been shown/taught how and most are stuck in the indoctrinated world of choosing belief or disbelief as their only options. How does the brain rationalize what is real over what is not real?

2. Many people believe that Truth and Reality are conceptual. To me: this is saying we invent in our heads what “reality” is and then believe what we invent is Truth and Reality. Historically, authoritarians spin pure fantasy as Truth and Reality and have forced with physical and mental stratagem…the fantasy “belief system” onto people. Believing that a fantasy is Reality creates huge cognitive dissidence, because the brain truly knows better and is in a constant state of confusion when forced to believe fantasy is Reality. When a person stops believing…the universe of Reality becomes clear and the real work of developing my/our Truth of Reality begins. A brain free of beliefs begins to discover/realize what real Truth and Reality is, separate from fantasy imagination invented or indoctrinated beliefs.

3. The psychology of belief is, that once a person invokes/commits their brain to the belief…it closes the mind to dialectic intellect discernment, logic and reason. Any attempt to change the belief is repelled with anger, rage even physical harm. Belief is a horrifically dangerous mental tool that is used without a full understanding of its dangerous potential. Belief is not yet being recognized for the 5000 years of insanity it has wrought on mankind (this a part of a symptom study).

4. When belief and disbelief are taken out of the equation…the universe begins to reveal itself. Most people cannot fathom NOT having beliefs…even though it is obvious that beliefs are what has been and IS controlling us. We are protecting our “belief system” abuser…this is a form of Stockholm syndrome delusion or insanity.

5. My use of big T and R. I try to separate mans invented truth and reality from what I call “real” Truth IN Reality. Truth does not exist in the universe so a search for it is futile. Reality…IS…the universe and what we learn of it becomes our personal Truth. Truth exists inside each of us. A “perfect” Truth or knowing of Reality…would be a perfect realization of the universe itself called Reality. We evolve personal Truth of Reality.

I think we have a long way to go to realizing perfect Truth of Reality incite, however, it is a MOST admirable and desirable quest…which epitomizes this study and research. Why waste brain energy on belief/disbelief when all we end up doing is defending it or killing each other over it and not learning anything new, thus blocking mankind’s path to evolving true humanity and a balanced mind of our ancient primary thinking mind of imagination- that SHOULD be controlled by intellect discernment in and advanced race of intelligent beings? Is it time to change the way mankind is “thinking?” How do we accomplish this? Belief accepts what it is told to believe and never questions. Beliefs and the belief system are ancient antiquated authoritarian indoctrinated into us stratagem, to stop a person from analytical thinking, often times with war and genocide, this a part of the ongoing cause and effect study.


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“Primordial atom” named Big Bang.

My big bang rant:

“Primordial atom.” The term Big Bang was not the original name of PASTOR Monsignor George Lemaitre religious “creation event” theory invention. He called it the “Primordial atom” theory. This theory was sat on the shoulders of Einsteins relativity theory, that Einstein adamantly objected to as did Tesla and most all of science. “Sir Geoffrey Hoyle” that was “totally repulsed” by the idea he tagged it with big bang. Even though totally unfounded and baseless in real science, this theory has caught on as a religion science belief. But this is not the most amazing part of the story.

Big Bang’s attachment to the relativity theory and time fabric fantasy has become a total science obsession to “prove” these theory are true and correct. Over the last 100 years of so…this has spawned a rash of fantasy “mathematical theoretical” science in support of both that have also been added to the LONG list of “belief science” theory.

The unproven theoretical list includes in part: black holes, dark matter, dark energy, twin paradox, time fabric “special relativity” Higgs boson and of course the ever popular invisible, undetected power of spin mass gravity, that has never been proven to exist…but that is believed to support and hold the entire universe together…in relativity theory. All very popular commonly accepted as true “settled science” beliefs. I call this the dogmatic “church of relativity.”

NOW…at long last… We have absolute proof and validation by the LIGO machine that has “proven” the existence of “gravity wave” for a “million billionth of a second”… that was sourced from billions of light years away by TWO black holes crashing into each other. We have come a long way from getting hit in the head with an apple as proof!

The truly amazing thing is that the inventor Einstein himself said he was unsure of his relativity theory. Yet the “church of relativity” has become so powerful it has taken on a life of its own viciously protecting the relativity big bang belief structure. And it’s not over! They continue to invent more and more fantasy theory to “prove” this unproven theory is in fact real. Stay tuned…more fantasy belief inventions are sure to emerge.big bang stine man

Energy, mass and speed of light are all properties of matter.

Wallace Thornhill: The Long Path to Understanding Gravity | EU2015

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baby sea turtle



I have been searching for Truth all my life. The last 20 years have been in intensive study and research that were often times painful but also elucidating and exhilarating beyond anything I have ever done. The last 5 have been working to write coherently about what I have discovered, a daunting task. Truth is a subject believed to be incomprehensible and unknowable. So obviously this undertaking can be construed as a pointless act of insanity. And in fact it has often felt that way. For those that “seek” Truth they will understand. For those that feel anger and rage about a person attempting to share Truth they will not. However, I hope to elucidate not only Truth but the Reality that comes with it. I have written thousands of pages that can be condensed into this one simple statement:

Truth is all knowledge of Reality.

How incredible that statement is. The volumes I and many others have written simply to explain what that statement means. I would have never guessed how simple Truth really is. I call it complex in its simplicity.

Truth itself is the simplest of all things. It is the knowledge that is complex; the science of the universe. The discovery of what “IS.” All we are seeking is what is real.

Truth is the realization of Reality. What is Reality? It is everything that exists around you, you yourself and the universe. So why has Truth been so hard to find? Because people “believe” it to be something else. We convert Reality into beliefs; claim the beliefs are Truth; then claim real Truth cannot be found. So the real thrust of this analogy is not so much about Truth, as it is about what has happened to Truth to make it so hard to find.

Some claim Truth is subjective and conceptual. NO…it is not. It is a real and tangible thing that only exists in your head or what some call the “unseen universe of the mind.” Seeking outside of yourself will never “find” Truth. There is only ONE Truth and ONE Reality and they are in no way conceptual. Subjective or conceptual truth and reality is what imagination creates in a person’s brain, a belief invented universe that exists inside a person’s head. Conceptual Truth is NOT Truth, it is imagined truth or truism. It is man invented truth that is believed to be true…the very essence of conceptual. Conceptual and belief reduces the universe down to existing in the space inside one’s head. When a person exists in a conceptual belief reality…everything has to be converted to a belief, so it will fit inside their head; then it is believed to be true and real. Conceptual belief reality reduces the true and real universe itself down to the size of a brain. Imagination and concept is what mankind has built civilization as we know it out of. Most people believe that knowledge is belief…knowledge a subset of belief. This is like saying that Reality is a subset of fantasy.

Strangely…the original mind of man was his imagination…this his “thinking” mind. The beliefs of what he imagined were invented and man began to “believe” what he invented was real; This happening LONG before real knowledge of Reality was discovered that we call science. So “knowledge” WAS belief. And in many ways this ancient belief thinking is still very powerful and ongoing today…just as it has always been.

“Your Truth and beliefs” both exist in the mind and brain…no place else. But they will NOT co-exist. One will cancel out the other. Today, as always…most accept a believed belief reality. So Truth is simply not there for them. And belief knows the power of Truth and literally fights to stop Truth from exposing itself for what it is…a fantasy fiction imagination invented “reality.” Anyone attempting to share Truth knows the instant bite of hate, slander and vitriol from the believers; this happens because belief is protecting itself from being discovered for what it is…fantasy fiction that is masquerading as Truth and Reality; this the stuff of wars and genocide…to protect belief and hide Truth.

So is conceptual belief truth and reality a bad thing? That would also be subjective and conceptual would it not? For me I think it is more about knowing the duality of belief; and learning realizing what Truth and truth “is” extremely important. I only think it is bad when the confusion creates bad things like bigotry, hate, war and genocide. This confusion is what we deal with today. But it has been what the past also dealt with. Mankind has not changed internally for over 5000 years, still existing in a caveman fantasy invention that converts Reality into beliefs. The history of Truth confusion has created the most horrific examples of man’s inhumanities to man ever recorded. This is the part of it all that I find reprehensible. So, is it possible to change the future and begin writing a new history of true peace for mankind? I don’t think it can happen until mankind learns the real truth of what belief is and what real Truth and Reality are and begins his transformation evolution into real emphatic “human kind.”

To me: Truth is not an intrinsic, exists in the universe thing or something that can be “found.” Reality is the universe. We work to learn about Reality and what we learn becomes our Truth. Today the choice is a “reality and knowledge” built out of belief or knowledge built out of real Truth “IN” Reality; this IS a choice. Beliefs did NOT; do not; exist in the brain; until they are programed into it. NO ONE is born with a belief in their head. I simply reset my brain back to default and eliminated all beliefs out if my thinking discerning processes. Believers do NOT believe non or none belief is possible. I can say unequivocally, that it IS not only possible, it is also a true and real Reality that ANYONE can “choose.” WE simply cannot know Truth with belief blocking the way.

Looking for Truth outside of yourself is a dead end. Truth is developed evolved within. A perfect Truth would be a perfect understanding of Reality; AND…what Reality is…discovery of what “is” a study that I call science. The “what it IS” is the hard part…in that…we may never know the real Truth of how Reality…the universe works. But it is fun to study and learn. For me anyway. This is very complicated and obfuscated for most people…me too…the very reason most simply like to believe…and forget about it. YOUR realizations of Truth is a process not an event. Intellect and Truth do not just happen. It takes a life time to evolve and develop. “Finding” Truth is really about finding yourself.

Looking for Truth outside of yourself is a dead end. Truth is within. A perfect Truth would be a perfect understanding of Reality. AND…what Reality is…is a study that I call science. The “what it IS” is the hard part…in that…we may never know the real Truth of how Reality…the universe works and I don’t believe in fantasy invented beliefs of what Realty is. I find that learning and study is fun.  For me anyway. I now know the difference between Reality and fiction and it has made both so much more enjoyable. This is very complicated and obfuscated for most people…including me…the very reason most simply like to believe…and forget about it. Most people are comfortable in their “belief certainty.” I learn new “Truths” every day and I am constantly adding and editing these blog posts. It truly is an amazing ever expanding study that is near impossible for me to keep up with. Epiphany and inspiration has taught me more than all the books I have read.

I think people are very sincere about their faiths and beliefs. It is their good heart and intentions that makes them vulnerable to deceptions, deceit and belief system indoctrination. Schools, churches, governments, media, colleges, peer review science…virtually everything is centered around the belief system.

My life was indoctrination from birth into religion and for 40 years I was completely absorbed by it. But my insatiable desire for knowledge led me away from it. Then I went through an anger phase of hurt over my stupidity. Then I lost my anger about churches, gods, religion AND people…because it was really about belief. Then I realized that belief was simply a tool used to obfuscate twist and hide Truth for power and control by the Authoritarians of everything from science to medicine to religion to governments. Now I simply try to share the experiences I progressed through. What people make of it I have no control over. But my heart and intentions are pure and free of deception, agenda or beliefs. Just Truth as I have come to know it. 1-masters-exceed-himSo in the spirit of Truth, I wish to share what I think is the first step in opening our minds to Truth and Reality. I offer this analogy:

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What are “beliefs” and how do they effect us and the world around us?

Man in his futility attempts to change the world.

The world will not change until man changes himself.

Belief is the most powerful mental force in the Universe of mankind and has duality. People are ever vigilant for things to believe in. Politicians work for your belief in them. We hear the statement “You believe me don’t you” from people all the time. We’re told that we must believe in ourselves. But curiously does anyone truly realize what belief is or the power it holds over them, their family, society and the world?

Obviously belief comes in many forms from benign to horrific. It is the horrific that is my concern. One of the most dangerous is a “false belief” that gives a person the right or entitlement to do or say things, that he normally would not, without the belief. This has played a major role in the proliferation of hate, bigotry, racism, genocide and war.

Truly, belief is the atomic bomb of social world power and control. Everything from politics to advertisement works to gain your belief. Without your belief in them they can’t get your vote or your money or misguide and mislead you! Without belief they cannot gain your TRUST.

Belief is what has been used by the authoritarians for power and control for over 6000 years. And the “belief system” is still being indoctrinated into us.

Note: Not truly realizing and understanding your beliefs is a huge danger to yourself and your family. If you control a man’s belief…you control the man. You can’t control a man with Truth. Truth is about NOT being controlled. Truth is damaging to belief.

True or False: Most wars are over support of religion and gods or by “atheists” …or are they?


Wars truly are over the “belief” in religions and gods. The “believers” fight the wars.The authoritarians instill the belief. This takes a harder look.

A person simply decides what he wants to believe and presto…like magic he believes. He can believe or disbelieve in a millisecond and not give it a second thought. Or he can be indoctrinated.

Personal belief is truly only an over blown opinion. Belief does not exist in the Universe…it is an internal man/brain created invention. It exists in the imagination.  Strangely, belief is nothing more than a thinking process of “determining” conceptualizing that something is true; most often completely void of facts. It is an act of NOT thinking; NOT applying logic, reason, discernment, facts, common sense, intuition, proof or validation. It is most often little more than ego thinking…”thinking we can invent in our head” what Truth and Reality truly are!

But this sets off a chain reaction in the brain that is not fully understood. It is like programming a computer. It is a locking device on intellect and discernment. It freezes the brain against any further research or study. When we believe we close the mind to anything that will change or CHALLENGE the belief. The belief takes control of the brain and you.

If a person believes in an “imaginary reality” that is what the brain will produce. If you program your mind with reality, truth and intellect; that is what the brain will produce; reality. Realizing something is or may be truth, leaves the door of research and further study open. Belief closes the door tight.

1 BRAIN cognitive stop abusing

THE GREATEST DANGER: The greatest anomaly of belief is that it is so powerful it takes over the identity of a man. People of belief believe so strongly that they become the belief. They are the belief. So anything or anyone that questions their belief is taken as a personal attack on themselves and their person. Belief is so powerful and deeply set in delusion that even if presented with verifiable proof and facts to the contrary; the believer reacts with emotional outburst ranging from anger to rage to violence even murder. In the case of phylogenetic group or culture insanity it leads to war and genocide.

Belief replaces Truth and Reality. Is there ANYTHING more scary than that?

brain god brain

The world has been struggling with racism without realizing and understanding what racism truly is and its origins. Racism is simply a belief that you are better than someone or that they are your enemy…this continues to this day. Throughout history racism was/is used by the authoritarians to enslave or hold down a “low class of people” (defined) so they were forced to be subservient to the upper class. This is where the word originated because entire race of people were classified as lower class, for whatever reason was invented, to believe in, by the ruling upper class. A belief was born, that one class of people was better than another and the people believed, then and now, that it is true; this is a false belief power that is made very real.

Dictionary: Racism: The belief [false] that some races are inherently superior (financially, physically, intellectually, religiously, morally or culturally) to others and therefore have a right to dominate and rule over them.

hitler massive people conservative christians

We see the power of belief at work in racism. But how many see this power at work in their religions? Supremest belief is the root cause of most war. EVERYONE claims their religion is of peace and EVERY god based or Abrahamic religion, has or is, creating the most horrific examples of inhumanities “in the name of belief” ever recorded. This is belief that has become criminally delusional; it is a belief so strong that the “person in belief delusion” is incapable of seeing Truth; even with the blood and bodies lying at their feet they still believe they are justified and right! They were HEATHEN that denied their GOD.

My question is: Is world domination, genocide and war considered a sign of peace to these people? Religious supremacy creates a racism that is no different from any other form of it. But instead of picking out a class of people…religion takes on the whole world! Everyone “not of a specific religion and god color” is considered wicked, evil, blasphemous, immoral, sinful, and sacrilegious; in short; the enemy of your belief and by default your enemy.

The religious feel completely comfortable in their belief delusion to be authoritarian, supremacist, bigoted and racist. In fact; they feel it is their solemn evangelical faithful duty to be so.

1 flood horses ass

This “belief entitlement” is at the heart of every problem and conflict within recorded history but is not being properly recognized or dealt with for what it is…evil personified.

Authoritarian control of your belief; is ancient wisdom that the Elite have understood for 10,000 or more years. This is not simply about religion; this is about any form of Elite power from government to corporations. Yet this wisdom of belief power is not known or understood by all of us common people. How is this possible?

It takes wisdom to know this. And wisdom comes from reality of Truth and intellect. The Elite work diligently to keep knowledge and wisdom away from you because if you had it; they would be exposed for what they truly are. Your belief would be shattered and their control over you lost.

1 authoritarian freedom liberty

Mankind is in the evolutionary stage of learning how to develop his intellect over the last 5000 years or so, this a short time for any evolution. Incites like realizing and understanding how belief works in the brain, comes from developing your TRUE intellect…not an imaginary one.

The power Elite work diligently to make sure you stay in a brain locked state of imaginary belief, so you will not be capable of developing your intellect and thereby see what they truly are. When there is a message of peace that is being punctuated with murder, torture and genocide…this is NOT a message of peace!

Words can and do mislead. That is why it is so important to judge by actions and results not words. Judge the world authoritarians by their actions and what they are creating…not by what they “claim” to be creating.

Words truly have no real meaning, most are meant to instill a belief…you believe me don’t you? You can find truth in words but it takes a strong intellect to hear those that are void of delusional belief stratagems to enslave you.

Amazingly, delusional or false belief is nothing more than your imagination void of intellectual discernment. Or it is your willful use of its power to self-fulfill a stratagem of personal power, where you have willingly deluded yourself into a false belief; this the tool of the Elite. They seek to create unthinking sheep.

In TRUTH and REALITY there is NO reason to believe anything! If it is Truth you simply accept it and move on. Belief has no place in the mind of intellect. It only serves to destroy Truth and intellect.

Catholic woman Protestant husband, Holland, 1888

Husband and wife separated in death by religion. REALLY!!!

Further research and study.

3rd evolution of intellect: )

Analogy of intellect and imagination:

To change the world; we must learn to recognize and protect ourselves from faults belief. )

1 belief disbelief mem

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What or who was Adam and why women are considered “evil” in the Bible.

bible roseta traslator

Sometimes it takes the insight of a true historical theologian to explain biblical meaning. In view of this, I do what I can to help others from my life time of study and research to find greater meaning from the Bible and to find real Truth. It is very important to not just read the Bible but to do so with comprehension skills. This is my interpretation.

Genesis: The original plan of god was for one naked, subservient, ignorant man was created to work as a gardener and zoo keeper in gods Eden zoological garden paradise. Adam was to work, worship and praise god for his magnanimousness. For a time this holy union went along pretty well. But Adam was becoming restless, so god decided Adam should have a mate. God brought the animals so Adam could name them and hopefully find a mate among them. However; this did not work out as planned because Adam rejected all the animals as a mate (first failed plan: bestiality). Adam realized that all the animals were of male and female…and Adam was alone with none of his kind. (How he did this is confusing because he did not yet have knowledge.)

1 adam eve snake

Adam became lonely and cried to god for a mate. God…loving Adam so much…he capitulated and Eve was created. Adam was happy with Eve but his time was being taken away from god. This created a problem for god, who demanded to be first and foremost in the life of the man, Eve was basically ignored by god. We cannot be sure exactly why Eve decided to go against Adam’s warning to her (one theory is a snake told her too) about the tree of knowledge (and the threat of death for “eating” of it…god invented lying…no one died) but it is possible she may have been jealous or hurt by being ignored and wanted to be in control (god ignoring her may have made her rebellious?) But we do know that Truth was exposed to both Adam and Eve with a “proverbial apple of knowledge” and they saw the entrapment they existed in, that Adam was just a slave and Eve a slave to Adam. Ironically, even though god was infuriated by this ignoring of his law of perpetual ignorance…this was NOT the reason for the ejection from Eden.

There was also another power (represented also as a tree) of immortal life. The man had become knowledgeable, “like the gods” but Adam was not immortal like the gods. The shear fear of man also disobeying gods command to not “eat” of immortality and become immortal like the gods (Elohim) was the breaking straw for god. God did not want another god created. So out Adam and Eve went. And god put a gate keeper “cherubim” with a slashing sword to block the path back to paradise. God don’t mess around when he disowns his kids.

Once freed of subservient labors of Eden, man and women continued on the path of life and propagated. God struggled to teach the new people his holy ordained commandments of subservience but people were more interested in their own lives. Men interested in their women and women interested in their children. God was being forgotten IGNORED. And why would Adam pay any attention to a dad that disowned him anyway!!!

Now god had never tried to hide that he was a jealous god even warning man about it. He had issues with women (Eve) from the start because Adam was literally taken from him by Eve. Finally…one day…with a god sized jealousy raging; he had had enough of man and his women and their children and even all life on earth!!! Of course we all are familiar with the Flood of the world story so no need to go into that here.1 flood 7

In introspect; we see that god never intended for man to have a mate or to propagate (he wanted Adam to pick an animal for a mate.) And the fact that women took the place of god in the man’s life was the reason for creating the flood holocaust, for the SIN desertion of god by man (but who actually started it?). God left man with a rainbow and freewill and said he would come back someday. Someday has never come. Obviously jealousy and rage take time to get over on a god size level.

So today…for those that enjoy knowledge, they owe a debt of thanks to Eve. For those that hate the separation of god from man…Eve (women) are evil. This basically the two groups of people that fight and kill each other over belief and non-belief, the jealousy and rage spilling over onto mankind.

There are many questions that one may ask about Genesis such as: Was Eden a birthing place for gods, the two “trees” of knowledge and immortality the key? Was god only happy being with one man and intended a life of homosexuality monogamy? Was bestiality actually the original plan for Adam the he refused? And why would god deny knowledge and immortality from his man creation, “if” he so dearly loved him (obviously man was just a created slave toy gardener for god)? And god also lied to Adam, with the threat of death, if he ate the “apple” of knowledge.

So god invented lying…THIS the original sin.  Weird that a god would have to resort to lies to control mankind? Oh wait…maybe that is why the authoritarians invented a book of fairy tale lies…for power and control?

There are many questions left to ponder and answer. I have attempted to elucidate farther in this analogy of Genesis. Enjoy the wonder.

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