Santa and God

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Santa and God

It is much more likely that a flying man in a sleigh pulled by deer can deliver presents to all the children than a flying man can create the entire known Universe in 6 days. The distinction is that people will not kill you or send you to hell for not believing the first myth but will for the second.

This violence is necessary to force persuasion onto people with fear because truth cannot validate. Fear is at the heart of all Abrahamic religions because no elucidation of their claims is remotely possible.

The fact that few believe in Santa as real but do believe in gods as real is an amazing anomaly that points to how little mankind has evolved intellectually from their barbaric caveman days of imaginary invention explanations of reality.

Presents and gifts persuade children into believing. Stratagems of stories and threats of violence persuade mankind to believe in gods. But both are equally stratagem of brain washing to create power and control.

We are living in a time that affords us the chance to truly know Truth and Reality. Yet we persist in holding on to a horrific past of forced delusional insanity. Why? Why do we so love to protect our oppressors fighting and killing each other? We speak of love but I see NO evidence of it!

Until mankind can fully appreciate and realize this statement…war will continue.

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TRUTH: Simple in its complexity.

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TRUTH: Simple in its complexity.

Real Truth and Reality are very simple. But all that they are is very complex. Simple in their complexity. It is all a singularity. Mankind is not yet capable of realizing Truth so it seems to be hidden from him. So he works to understand the complex first, hoping to realize the simplicity of Truth and Reality. How vary strange this is.

Sounds like a parable and I hate parables! I have come to realize that parables are not really parables. They are simply attempts to explain what IS…within limited abilities. These pitiful attempts to share enlightenment end up sounding like a parable. If the person could have made it clearer or more comprehensive he would have done so…just like me!

I attempt analogies to share my experiences with Truth. I was studying computer assisted drafting (CAD). You start off with a simple form, a square or circle. Then you add and shape this into something…like a building. You don’t start with a building and make a square out of it. So this is what I see mankind doing. He attempts to “understand” everything to lead him to discover/uncover Truth and Reality. I’m a bit dyslexic so in this it may have helped me, I tend to NOT do what everyone else is.

I finally realized that it is possible to “accept” things first. That knowing or understanding is not relevant and may even be harmful because the attempts leave you defeated. Truth and Reality cannot be known or understood in their complexity (at least not yet.) But they CAN be realized and accepted for what they ARE in their simplicity. Once a person is comfortable with Truth and Reality, the learning about them comes in waves of enlightenment. The process of inspiration carries on forever as the complexity of Truth and Reality reveals itself to you. Simplicity leading to complexity.

There is a peace found in this because it unravels all the pressure of attempting to know and understand. And in this…I can only write parables…

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How does belief manipulate kids and adults?

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How does belief manipulate kids and adults?

We all know the power of belief over children with the Santa Clause myth but we can’t see it in ourselves. This is self-delusion.

Only you can prevent willful ignorance and stupidity.

Today: Mankind is doing everything it can to protect its delusional one god supremest belief insanity.

It took thousands of years of torture, murder, war and genocide to force “one god religion” delusional supremest belief onto mankind.

Sadly it will probably take the same war and genocide to eradicate it. If eradicated; humanity will begin to emerge and “human kind” will begin the 3rd and 4th evolution his noosphere of intellect and rise from the ashes of “mankind.”

Supremest belief will be eradicated in two ways. One will be more war and genocide against the delusional supremest believer. The other will be the evolution of the noosphere of intellect where sanity will slowly eradicate the delusional beliefs creating peace and world sanity.

Please go on to read: 3rd Phase of Universal Evolution

A brief analogy of intellect and intelligence

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Why are so many people resistant to Truth?


Why are so many people resistant to Truth?

The simple truthful reality…most people don’t realize that they are resistant to Truth.

Mankind loves to speculate and inspire to Truth seeking or the road or path to Truth. Truth ever eluding mankind as a mythological entity that can never be known or achieved. People always looking up and away for the mystical place where Truth is secretly hiding.

Believing Truth is hidden is step one in the road to deception.

But if Truth is so powerful and important why can’t we see it?

Mankind has been indoctrinated to be reverent and obedient to those that they believe are in control of Truth. Every form of Elite power works to gain your trust, faith and belief. From birth we are taught to respect authority. Government wants you to believe it is working in your best interest. Schools teach us to accept what they are representing to us as Truth and we believe. Advertisers work to create a belief in their produces. Corporations seek for your business by belief in them. News organizations bring stories of “truth” that you can believe in. Religion is based on faith and belief claiming that God is Truth and we believe. We believe in God, America and apple pie.

So why is it that everything works so hard to instill belief instead of simply telling the Truth? This is ancient philosophy.

Man can be controlled by his beliefs…he cannot be controlled with Truth.

Belief takes control of the brain and you. If a person believes his BELIEF is reality that is what the brain will produce. If you program your mind with reality, truth and intellect; that is what the brain will produce; reality. Realizing something is or maybe truth leaves the door of research and further study open. However…:

THE GREATEST DANGER: The greatest anomaly of belief is that it is so powerful it takes over the identity of a man. People of belief believe so strongly that they become the belief. They are the belief. So anything or anyone that questions their belief is taken as a personal attack on themselves and their person. Belief is so powerful and deeply set in delusion that even if presented with verifiable proof and facts to the contrary; the believer reacts with emotional outburst ranging from anger to rage to violence even murder. In the case of phylogenetic group or culture insanity it leads to war and genocide.

When a person has a head filled with belief there simply is no room for Truth. Truth is the enemy of all belief based Elite enterprises. This the reason Truth Sayers have been martyred all through history.

The Elite do NOT want you to know Truth. They want you to BELIEVE.

If you would like to clear and balance your mind please go on to this post:

Critical thinking analogy of the imaginary and intellectual mind.

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I am not an Atheist. And this is why:


I am not an Atheist. And this is why:

Have you ever wondered why the religious push so hard to claim that atheist are religious in their own right?

Atheist is an obnoxious word invented by the religious to create imaginary “enemies of god” to focus their supremest hate delusion on. I do not “disbelieve” because of belief. It does not get that far. Non or None believers cannot peacefully exist for the religious. They need to make them enemies the fuel of war to feed their beliefs.

I dismiss religion fantasy for what it is: Imaginary delusion. I don’t become an Atheist over it. The delusional people simply do not have enough power over me, to force a non-belief in fantasy to exist in my mind. I am FREE of ALL imaginary beliefs of any kind.

I am a NONE believing Iconoclast. I no longer live in the fantasy world created by man’s imagination of belief, disbelief, opinion, knowing, understanding because these are all conceptual thinking invented in the brain of imagination.

I know it…or I do not. I do NOT believe something into my “reality.”

This leaves my mind and intellect free and clear to continue what man was intended to do from the start: Wonder question and seek out Truth and Reality. There is NOTHING more peaceful and wonderful than that.

Those that lay claim to being Atheist are angry and rightfully so. The religious overwhelming contempt for the world and humanity is breathtaking and dumfounding; the wait for rapture when the sheep will be separated from the goats beyond comprehension. That life is to be suffered and death will bring eternal happiness is beyond delusional. The 4000 years of war and genocide incomprehensible. All this while claiming the moral high ground claiming that everyone but them is amoral…pure delusional insanity!

1 belife war insanity

But Atheists have fallen into the foundational trap of religion. Hate and fear mongering is the back bone of religion. Opposition is the fuel that feeds religious bigotry and racism; they NEED the hate to proliferate the continued belief atrocity of supremest religion.

To the Atheist I ask that you stop your hate of an invisible flying man in the sky and embrace Truth and Reality. Don’t become the unwitting VICTIM of religion by falling into their trap of hate and war mongering.

For more on this subject please see:


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Is it time to redress religion supremacy, racism and bigotry?

2 millon muslims


Is it time to redress religion supremacy, racism and bigotry?

Society today is working to addresses the issues of racism, bigotry and profiling. Color, sex or inclination is no longer a socially acceptable reason to hate or discriminate.

So how is it that religion “belief” that DEMANDS hate, discrimination, racism, bigotry and even genocide is not being addressed? There is no greater example of racism bigotry and it is at the very heart of genocidal war atrocities.

  1. Religion supremacy claims that their god and religion are the only “real” god and religion. Every other god and religion is faults and imaginary and must be eradicated.
  2. Moral superiority. The religious claim that there is no morality unless you believe in their god and religion; that ALL people outside of their religious cult are evil, amoral, and the enemy of themselves and their god. That it is “these sinners” that are destroying humanity.
  3. Religion claims to be of love and peace; but ONLY if you submit your body mind and soul to THEIR god and religion. If a person does not submit; then they are subject to discrimination, hate and broad brush amoral accusations that they have brought down humanity and the world with their “sin.”
  4. Genocide and eradication. Their god demands that “ALL SINNERS” be warred against with genocide extinction and burn in their god’s hell for all eternity; this the premises for nearly every war atrocity in history.
  5. And the “NUMBER ONE SIN” that makes every man women and child outside of their god and religion the ENEMY of god; simply being outside of their god and religion. Not believing in their delusional fantasies is the reason for all the hate, racism and bigotry; THIS the reason for all the war insanity. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? REALLY….???

So my question today…how is it that this atrocity abomination is not being properly addressed and dealt with? How is it that race color is seen as racist but “religion color” is given a free pass to say and do whatever they want; FREE to discriminate and even murder people simply because they are not willing to submit “BELIVE” in a war lord god that demands 24-7 worship and their very soul?

Many claim that religion is the only reason there is any good at all in the world. It is in fact the exact opposite. Morality and science have been moving forward at a snail’s pace with the weight of this racist atrocity hanging around its neck.

Religion “belief” is the greatest delusion illusion that humanity faces today. This way of life and thinking is so ancient everyone seems to be in a hypnotic state; not realizing what is truly happening in the world “believing” that evil is good. What do “you” think is the question?


If you are truly thinking about this please read this analogy on “BELIEF ENTITLEMENTS.”

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Is science making the world insane?

Is science making the world insane?

Science is often attacked for its quest for knowledge and to learn how things work. Science has brought great discoveries to the world. Electricity that powers our cities and every appliance we use in our homes. Science asks and answers new questions every day. Yet mankind has stayed in a continued state of war and chaos since the dawn of time. Is it science that is creating the problems that are creating the hate and war holocausts?

Is it mathematics that is causing this problem, all that crazy new math and quantum theory? The calculus, algebra and endless formulas are simply too much for man to deal with and it is making him more war like every day?

Maybe it’s the work of astronomers that discovered that the earth is not flat? That leaned about the solar system and the Milky Way galaxy we live in. Then reached out and found endless galaxies and continues to find and discover new powers and forces that exist. Maybe the shear number of stars and galaxies is making us all crazy?

Or maybe we should look more closely at archeology? Maybe the study of ancient artifacts and learning about past life is causing the problems. Is the prospect of prehistory animals the size of a building simply too much for us to take?

Is it the health and fitness discoveries that are putting too much pressure on us? The discovery of germs and viruses and how to treat them that has extended our lives. Learning about fat, calories and proteins so we are forced to eat better to promote better health and vitality? Is this extended life and pressure to eat right and exercise the problem?

Possibly geometry and engineering that is building our cities, streets, water and sewer facilities and everything we use daily from our cars to a tooth brush? Maybe all this added convinces and comfort is simply more than mankind can handle and it is forcing him to be bigoted and genocidal?

Well…this problem has been ongoing for thousands of years and is getting worse. So if man has not figured it out by now there simply must be no logical reasonable explanation for it. It must be that mankind is simply a war monger and it is his never changing nature to kill himself in endless wars.

So, it’s probably much better to not think about it too much because it may cause even greater stress on a world that it already insane enough.

Oh wait…did I ask about Religion?

religion star trek

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