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I question: How important is truth really? What is its true effect on our lives?

Humans love to be amazed, shocked, frightened, astounded entertained at virtually any cost. More money is spent on entertainment than on all the wars. We love our imagination to be stimulated as the Universe opens up in our minds. Imagination is the first mental ability to be developed as children. We are in a constant state of imagination, dreaming of what could or should be our alternate personal life and wonderment of the unknown or what could be known. It is a state of fantasy that every person lives in constantly. Advertising is made to stimulate the imagination providing an illusion of your life with what they are selling. We don’t try to use imagination because it is in a constant state of operation 24-7. We all love our imagination and constantly seek out things that will stimulate it from books to TV to movies to computer games to gambling to all kinds of activities. Truth does not stimulate the imagination because truth just is.

Truth is found normally by accident or serendipitously or occasionally by someone like a teacher or a book or article that you recognize as truth. Finding and realizing truth can be exciting but it can also be damming. Truth is not always fun. Most truth or facts are found by elimination which leaves only truth or fact. When found truth is simply accepted realized and you move on. Trying to share truth is a none event and often times not well received by others if you try to share. Seeking for truth is not a normal activity and in fact is not of consideration in normal everyday life. Seeking for truth is an activity that simply is not defined. People believe that truth is important but who among us truly knows what it is or where it is found, what it looks like or if it affects the senses?

The search for truth seems to be the most elusive of all quests. Is it simply so well hidden that it can’t be found? Truth lives in an alternate reality as do all Universal Powers and cannot be understood only realized. Explanations or understanding will not work to seek out truth. Truth lives with peace, serenity, harmony, love all the good things. These things are very benign in their existence. When true peace is achieve one finds that it is almost imperceptible. Truth will leave you speechless…at first.

I have been finding truth through the absence of truth. Looking for clues to where truth should be but is not. As with symptoms of disease pointing to the disease I look for symptoms of none truth or the absence of truth. Normally we seek to have truth presented to us…then we choose to accept or reject it. But when real truth is presented or found…there can be no rejection. There can be a denial and turning away from it but inside you know now the real truth and are living a lie of hypocrisy. For this reason most people are hesitant to be confronted with truth. It is frightening to most people and not in a good way. True seekers plow forward and take what may be of it and often times pay a heavy price. The price is living with the truth with knowledge and acceptance of it. It would seem this would be a good thing not a bad thing…would it not? Let’s take a journey through everyday reality to see what we can find there.

Most people today are in a quandary over our government. I began to question what American government truly is. No matter what kind of government…it exists because people allow themselves to live with it. There is a progression from what is good for the people,  that slowly turns into what is good for the government. All sales pitches start off with stimulating the imagination. A person is not going to buy into anything that he cannot imagine will be beneficial for himself. When things turn against him his imagination changes to one of self-loathing for being deceived and to imagine ways to change, alter or revenge his way out, of the situation, he imagined himself into. All these things were imaginary. A government was imagined in how it would operate and what it would achieve. And the people imagined how wonderful it would be. As things progress realities begin to present themselves. As with any relationship there are road signs of good or bad along the way. But people have the tendency to wait until it is too late to address them when going bad. The eventual brake up always being catastrophic.

One of the most potent of imagination stimulating tools is fear. Fear was in it from the start. The people were fearful and needed to organize for protection and prosperity. So a government was built to organize the people. Then a fear of what would happen without the government ensued. Then toward the end, a fear of what would happen to you personally if you interfere or challenge the government is instilled in the minds of each individual, resulting in the image of physical or financial pain. Fear mongering is a very powerful tool and works directly on the imagination. Then it turns into a belief…a belief that the fear is very potent and real and in many cases it may very well be. Imagined consequences are powerful deterrents in law and government. Fear and not love is the main stay of power over people. This is the truth and the imagination believes in fears existence because this is the only place that fear can live.

Where is truth in all this? The people let their imaginations run wild to create a government and then allowed complacency to rule the day, until it was too late and they lost control of their government that became too rich and powerful, on their dollar, to now do anything about. Sadly this is simply how it has always worked. All of it an imaginary illusion invented in the mind and living in the mind. There is no government…it is just a loosely organized den of thieves. We projected our imagination onto a bunch of elected officials that we imagined would do our bidding. This goes beyond imagination to delusion:  A delusional belief to think that people or a government is going to place you above themselves. This is real truth and it is not pleasant. We imagined what should be right and then imagined that it somehow would be. How has this worked out for us?

So slowly people are waking up. But now for government to protect itself, it has to grow as large as possible as fast as possible, engulfing in its ranks either by dependency or working for it, as much of the population as possible. This is not imagination. This is the truth. The ugly truth.

So the big question is not where do we find truth but what do we do with it? How do we learn to control our imaginations? How do we learn to harness our fears? How do we learn to not let ourselves get back into this situation again if we do learn how to get out of it?

Another great problem the world people are facing is radical religions. Religions have been developing for as long as humans have been able to communicate.


About sk1951

I think people are very sincere about their faiths and beliefs. It is their good heart and intentions that makes them vulnerable to deceptions and deceit. My life was indoctrination from birth into religion and for 40 years I was completely absorbed by it. But my insatiable desire for knowledge led me away from it. Then I went through an anger phase of hurt over my stupidity. Then I lost my anger about churches, gods and religion because it was really about belief. Then I realized that belief was simply a tool used to obfuscate twist and hide Truth for power and control by the Authoritarians of everything from science to medicine to religion to governments. Now I simply try to share the experiences I progressed through. What people make of it I have no control over. But my heart and intentions are pure and free of deception, agenda or beliefs. Just Truth as I have come to know it.
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