Religion continues to plague the world through child abuse.


Abusers (they themselves abused) ram religion down the throats of kids before their little brains learn to process and discern reality. They are threatened and scared into compliance but told they are loved. This is the exact method used by kidnapers to create the Stockholm syndrome.

They are forced to love a god that threatens, belittles and berates them. God calling them evil, sinful born of sin, unworthy of god and they killed Jesus with their sin, hung him on a cross and you have to eat his body and blood to be saved. And unless they comply, they will get eternal death and burn in hell, suffering unspeakable pain for all eternity…this is not a joke to a little kid. A dead guy on a cross is over the top, to a kid that is worried about a boogie man in the closet or under the bed.

Religion has been the number one murderous genocidal offender of man kind…yet it is still protected. This is insanity not an illness.

When one person is delusional he gets help. When 1000 are delusional they are a cult. When one billion are delusional they are called a great religion. This is mass phylogenetic illness that produces hallucinations and a belief that fantasy is reality.

The only “proof” of god and religion is ONE book of mythological fantasy and fiction, amalgamated with history to factualise the stories. Religious stratagem originally invented by Roman Flavian Czars to create religious control (shear genius) and to legalize persecution and murder of gentiles, heathen and who ever they wanted with a charge of blasphemy. This is still used today.

This has created a fantasy reality that we all are forced to live in.

MY GOD…can’t people see and understand what is happening? This is evil personified. Calling religion an illness is being way to kind.

At 62 I have been in religions recovery for over 30 years and my life has been totally destroyed by it.

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