The great SEARCH FOR TRUTH, seeking and walking endless paths, looking up to glory, always looking away. Are these searches simply fairytale or were they a malicious intent to defraud you from your realization and acceptance of your inner being and inner Truth.

There is no greater power than Truth and Truth is within you…not outside of you. We are all connected to the same Truth that is the Universal mind. Real Truth is the same for everyone. The “intelligence” that science keeps looking for but can never find. Why? They are “looking” in the wrong places. These are some points I have realized about Truth.

UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Truth “is”… Some claim there are truth(s). There is only one Truth. “Truisms” are not The Truth. Truth has been with you all along. You do not and cannot “find Truth.” It is inside you. It is the power of the unseen Universe. It is not a god and does not speak, demand worship or sacrifice. Truth communicates with you through your inner-consciousness that everyone and everything is a part of. You don’t look for Truth…YOU ARE TRUTH! But you can deny it… trading Truth for beliefs.

INSPIRATIONAL TRUTH…THE “VOICE” OF THE UNIVERSAL MIND: Everyone has had an inspiration…a burst of genius beyond what you are normally capable of knowing. Often…if not wrote down, it will slip away because it does not reside in your brain or memory…It did not come from you. Inspiration is a part of Truth. Inspirations are a brief contact with the Universal mind of Truth. Tesla said he was not an inventor…he is a discoverer. That everything is already here and his inspirations simply tell him how to assemble it. His visions of inspiration were never ending and drove him to near madness but with incredible acts of genius. His Universal connection was not brief…it was constant and was beyond that of most men. Full inspirational contact appears to the average on looker as insanity or schizophrenia. Many true geniuses have fallen into supposed madness. “Rational thought imposes a limit to your relationship contact with the cosmos. Sanity is a form of conformity.” John Nash: Nobel Peace Prize winner.

HOW TO DESTROY “YOUR” TRUTH:  You can deny “our” your Truth and your inner consciousness. The best ways to destroy your inner peace is to believe, opinion, understand and KNOW things that you cannot “know.” Belief is a fool’s game. If you believe, you are a principal player in the game of fools. You are helping to spread the lies. If you profess to believe and in your heart and mind you know that something is wrong, than you have denied your Truth. Will you be punished for this? NO. You will simply live a life of fantasy instead of knowing and living in true reality and freedom. Belief is a trap you put yourself in that denies the Truth. Truth is… Truth has been with you all along. You do not and cannot “find Truth.” It is inside you. It is the power of the unseen Universe. It is the NOTHING that created everything. The powers of life and creation. It is not a god and does not speak or demand worship or sacrifice. Truth communicates with you through your inner-consciousness. You don’t look for Truth…YOU ARE TRUTH! But you can deny it.

SWEEPING YOUR MIND CLEAN: It is hard at first to get rid of beliefs, opinions, knowledge, understanding and perceptions. Awareness of how many times a day you use these words will startle you. Why do it? Because they are all invented fantasy and are none reality normally baseless in fact. If you can’t truly “KNOW” IT…DO NOT BELIEVE IT! These are the things that are used to cage and trap your mind, to freeze your mind, used by evil governments and religions. Place what you “know” first. Play with fantasy later.Truly there is NO reason to believe anything. You know it or you don’t. Leave it at that.

SET OR MADE FREE: Knowing Truth does not “set” you free. It “MAKES” you free by opening your heart and mind to Universal Truth. This allows you to see deceptions clearly. Knowing Truth begins your evolution of intellect and reality discernment. Your inner discernment is fully activated and alive. Controlling powers do not want you to know Truth. They want you to have truth that “sets you free” to fly away like a little bird! Not “MADE” whole to stand your ground with confidence, inner strength and power, that sees right through the lies.

EMBRACING “NOTHING”: Look past the physical Universe to the NOTHING that is everything and your inner Truth will “realize your realization” contact and acceptance. THEN you will “know” the TRUTH! Truth is a part of you…like your imagination…it just “is” inside you. You learn to develop your inner connection with acceptance and realization. It takes time. The more time you take…the greater your realization of Truth grows.This is the unexplainable realm of Truth. A never ending process of inner growth in Universal Truth.

FRIENDLY ADVISE: Stop trying to understand things that will NEVER be understood. Understanding is for the seen Universe not of the Unseen. We can only realize and learn…but we will truly NEVER understand anything in Truth! Understanding and belief stops you from continuing on to greater learning, realization and acceptance of Truth. “Faults knowing or understanding” freezes your mind. Truth will open your mind to “our” Universal intelligence and you will feel a freedom you have never felt before. Truth never stops growing…it will never freeze your mind.

Truth…MAKES…you FREE! Peace is true freedom. Imagine a world where only Truth and Reality exists in our lives. A world where only Truth, honesty, peace and love… beyond all understanding exist. A place were Truth is not obfuscated into a billions of fragmented pieces of beliefs.

This is NOT a religious man invented fairytale. This is YOUR part of the Universe of Truth that you need only look inward to find. Imagine Truth. Picture Truth. You can’t!!! Imagery destroys Truth. If you can invent, picture or imagine of Truth…it is not THE Truth.Truth is realized…it is not imagined!

Don’t play the fools game. Did you hear or feel any Truth in the letter? Do you want to run from it? Does it create anger or fear in you? Do you think it is new age fantasy? These are normal reaction to Truth when you have not realized it. Why…is the great question. Why do we run from Truth?

For one…we have seen in history how people who profess the Truth are treated…they are jailed, killed, tortured, impaled, crucified, burned and erased from history..the Veda and Truth seekers. So there is good reason to be afraid!!!! One of the many sad things I have learned about people is, that the more truthful something is, the more they shy away from it. We have learned (or have been tricked/deceived) into accepting none-reality for reality.

We have replaced true reality and Truth with imaginary mythology and violently protect it from discovery. 10 thousand years this has been ongoing. There have been many professors of truth…what happened to them? I will write much more about them. It has taken me over 40 years of bone crushing realizations to write this simple little letter/blog post. This quest has pushed me to the brink of suicide more than once. I have thousands of pages written over 40 years in attempts to write these simple two pages. I have stacks of research and hope to one day put together a book called “THE HIDDEN TRUTH” although in reality, I’m not sure I will ever finish it this being the reason why I felt it was important to print the end of the story first.

I have looked at 10 thousand years of human history to discern from it the stratagems played by manipulators, indoctrinators, governments and religions to hide the Truth from mankind. This letter is the epilogue. I needed to finally say this, even though I didn’t know for a long time what I was trying to say, it was just a burning need I didn’t fully comprehend. It has been worth the wait. How long have you been waiting to know Truth?

Now you know you can only realize and accept it. When/if I write the book I will start it off with the ending. Then I will begin the long, tedious laborious work to explain and analyze all the deceptions I have found and the reason why even God/gods did not want man to have knowledge of Truth, the proverbial tree of knowledge, abandoning/banishing man when he tried to learn the Truth. For those that seek for Truth you owe the snake and Eve a great debt of thanks for saving you from naked ignorance. Is this a mythological story? Or is there some actual human truth to it? And what is the REAL Truth of it all? This is the greatest epic deception story ever told.


About sk1951

I think people are very sincere about their faiths and beliefs. It is their good heart and intentions that makes them vulnerable to deceptions and deceit. My life was indoctrination from birth into religion and for 40 years I was completely absorbed by it. But my insatiable desire for knowledge led me away from it. Then I went through an anger phase of hurt over my stupidity. Then I lost my anger about churches, gods and religion because it was really about belief. Then I realized that belief was simply a tool used to obfuscate twist and hide Truth for power and control by the Authoritarians of everything from science to medicine to religion to governments. Now I simply try to share the experiences I progressed through. What people make of it I have no control over. But my heart and intentions are pure and free of deception, agenda or beliefs. Just Truth as I have come to know it.
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