“Am I an alcoholic?” “Can I be cured?”

“Am I an alcoholic?” “Can I be cured?”Image

“Am I an alcoholic?” “Can I be cured?”  These are moot questions. Does it matter? If you have finally decided you have a self-abuse problem with alcohol or drugs or any abusive behavior, it is time for a personal evaluation.

Many people will turn to organizations or religion which is simply a “switch addiction.” I believe it is necessary to get your life back on track and switch to a positive addiction that will truly improve your life. Let’s worry about this part later and move on.

You can “want” to quit drinking. But want’n ain’t get’n! I drank my whole life. I could not do the AA thing (although I did enjoy my time there) and I will not waste your time with my “story” because they are all the same…only the names change.  No amount of vids or AA or a Bible is going to stop/force you from drinking, you can learn from these things but that is all. There is only ONE no TWO thing that will stop you! Can you guess what it is? Let me share a few things I learned along the way before I tell you what they are.

1. No one drinks to excess because they want to. AA
2. Every man has a different bottom. Unknown.
3. You live your life in chronological order, prioritized by importance to you. sk1951

These three principals are all you will ever need.

1. First: you need to take a deep look at yourself and your life. Why are you abusing yourself?
2. Most people will not change until something forces them to change. Not a good way to make the “choice” to stop drinking.
3. As long as you live your life dedicated to being a “functional alcoholic” you will always be an alcoholic.

“IF” you decide to be something else, than it must take priority over drinking. You have succeeded in becoming a professional alcoholic but it is time to move on.

Your survival instinct has been compromised. This MUST be addressed.

Alcohol is a drug. It has addictive properties as I am sure you already know. But the life style one “creates” is the hardest thing to brake. It can also feel like your only friend and in reality, it, like all drugs (and women) are very jealous. They want to be the most important thing in your life. And when you try to break free…just like a jealous women, they will do anything they can to hurt you or even kill you.  This is a realization you must find.

“Your bottom” will be when you simply have had enough. It is a “brake up” just like with a lying cheating friend or mate. You leave because your life becomes more important to you than putting up with the physical, mental and emotional pain. “Your relationship” must come to an end. It is strange but many many tears will come from this brake up and often times it is simply too painful to break up. Hence: the continuation of the abusive relationship. So…:

1. Realize you are abusing yourself and not “HAVING FUN ANYMORE!”

2. Realize that the reasons you are questioning and wanting to stop…will not stop. They are going to continue and get worst as time goes on. This “should” scare you.

3. Realize that you truly have a desire to be something besides what you have been. And set a goal to be that thing.

Did you figure out what the two things are that will truly stop you from drinking?






And truly…until you get that one on track you will never have one with anyone else which includes wife, family, friends and even your kids. Is this really that hard a choice to make?

I mean truly…don’t you deserve to have a rich full life? What truly is stopping you? It’s not just the alcohol that much I can guarantee.  I am a brother in the fray…good luck my friend.



About sk1951

I think people are very sincere about their faiths and beliefs. It is their good heart and intentions that makes them vulnerable to deceptions and deceit. My life was indoctrination from birth into religion and for 40 years I was completely absorbed by it. But my insatiable desire for knowledge led me away from it. Then I went through an anger phase of hurt over my stupidity. Then I lost my anger about churches, gods and religion because it was really about belief. Then I realized that belief was simply a tool used to obfuscate twist and hide Truth for power and control by the Authoritarians of everything from science to medicine to religion to governments. Now I simply try to share the experiences I progressed through. What people make of it I have no control over. But my heart and intentions are pure and free of deception, agenda or beliefs. Just Truth as I have come to know it.
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