3rd Phase of Universal Evolution an analogy of intellect.


3rd Phase of Universal Evolution

A brief analogy of intellect and intelligence

This is the most exciting time for our little blue dot we call earth. Our home, as well as the Universe at large is undergoing its 3rd evolutionary phase. The noosphere (intellect) is the third in a succession of phases in development/evolution of Earth; after the 1st geosphere (inanimate matter) the 2nd biosphere (biological life).

This process is ongoing in the Universe as well as on earth. I wish to center on our intellectual development here on earth. Each phase can take millions if not billions of years. Question: Is it only man that is undergoing intelligence evolution or is everything on earth also evolving? Intellect and intelligence is not static. It is evolving in all things even in the Universe itself.

Although far into the future…when/if intellect is fully realized, we enter the 4th phase of consciousness; our collective consciousness evolving in many layers leading to intellectual-phase locking, telepathy and beyond. This level will be our eventual tie into the Universal Mind of knowledge; this the Aether neuronet of Universal consciousness and the powers of the Universe.

Realizing and understanding the primitive mind of man:

Man and all biological life is undergoing the process of creating/evolving intellect and intelligence even plants and earth itself. In man, the primitive brain that first evolved was a basic biological machine functioning to keep the body alive and provide the ability for basic survival. The primitive brain was/is on automatic for vital functions, there was nothing controlling it. Intelligence had not yet evolved and Intellect was far into the future.

The primitive mind began to learn by trial and error not much different from today. The imaginary mind began to form. Man began to see correlations in nature. He saw and realized the differences in night and day. In winter and summer. In rain and drought. In seasonal water holes and different levels of river flow. The wax and wane of the animals and plants he hunted. He was realizing these things had an impact on his life. He began to see the life in the sun and its force on the earth, in the plants that sprang from earth. He began to see the life that he was creating. He could see things growing. He became aware of the aging process in all life. This was a very exciting time for man. He began to want. He wanted to know and understand WHY and HOW and his imagination grew and grew into a powerful thinking machine. He began to learn. He began to question his power and ability to control life and death. A primitive mind of intelligence was being born.

He first began to wonder and question, this his first basic need to “understand” was born. For millions of year’s man’s imaginary thinking mind was developing into basic intelligence.

Intelligence was the second phase of our brain evolution. Our imaginary mind began to create and think. We learned to not only ask questions but how to solve them. We learned how to tie a rock on a stick to make a club. How to harness and use the power of fire. How to use animal skin for clothing. How to kill or be killed. How to murder for power and greed; to take what he wanted. Intelligence was beginning to form in our minds of imagination and emotions began to evolve. He began to study and learn. He pulled a plant from the ground and saw the seed that it sprang from. He was feeling a sense of power in knowledge. His emotions and intelligence were developing. Hunting animals provide a new protein resource that the brain needs to grow. Brain evolution was on track and destined for greatness.

Note: Intellect and intelligence are not synonymous. Experiences and willful study educate the mind of intelligence creating the educated mind. Intellect…our mind of analyzation and discernment power must also be developed. But the mind of intellect is totally different from the mind of intelligence. Intellect is our 3rd level of brain evolution and we are just beginning to realize and develop it. Some call intellect a higher consciousness; it is not. But it is the way to get to higher consciousness.

We program/train our intellect. It is the equivalent to an operating system in a computer. Each of us creates his own personal intellect. This creating the great diversity we experience in the ideas, opinions, beliefs and thinking of man. Intellect has nothing in common with intelligence. They are separate and apart.

What is happening in our evolution of intellect is question/analyzation of this paper.

My basic analogy: Intellect: our ability to discern and reason. Intelligence: our ability to imagine, think and learn.

Realizing the difference is paramount in our personal brain development. Both do not just pop into existence in mankind or personal evolution. They are both learned and nurtured by us over the span of our life time here on earth. Humans share intelligence with education. However our intellect is not shared and it is not being handed down generation to generation. This the reason we don’t advance in intellect.

Man is in the very beginning stages of intellectual awareness and development. The first stage was the advent of the imaginary mind. Man first became aware of his surrounding and himself. What is/was the cause of our intelligence? And are we truly as intelligent as we imagine ourselves to be? These are questions for the intellect and inner-consciousness of Truth that we truly have not fully begun to realize and develop; this, the reason these are still unanswered questions about ourselves.

Consciousness is apart from intellect and intelligence. What I consider our 4th evolutionary phase.

There are four stages of brain development:

  1. The basic primitive mind and imagination.
  2. Intelligence created by experiences and learning.
  3. Intellect that analyzes and discerns truth from fiction, imagination from reality.
  4. Consciousness.

I conceptualize that the process of intellect and intelligence hinges on many theories and factors. These are but a few possibilities to ponder:

  1. Our brain size was 400cc. We have evolved to our current brain size of 1200cc. The Peruvian skulls are 1600cc. (some refer to these extinct creatures as the Elohim, Anunnaki or Enki; the great stone builders. The creators of the Pyramids that the Egyptians later desecrated.) It’s possible that brain size evolution is a part of or maybe the only factor. The original primitive brain stem simply did not have the gray matter mass to produce higher levels of thinking or reasoning at 400cc. Vital life function and basic survival instincts are automatic and a given in the human stem brain. Everything else in our existence is developed by cause and effect, willful/forced education and thought development. Brain development is a choice for a person with a normal functioning brain. “Thinking” may have forced brains size growth.

There are studies today showing that the growing brain is a factor in children and teens. This the reason children first become inspired by their imagination. Teens are wild, and risk takers because they do not yet have the brain mass capacity to see and realize dangers and consequences. The “mature” person has a fully developed brain mass and views teens as simply uncontrollable; truly; brain development is not a bad analogy in understanding teens. All humans have a basic instinctive need to control themselves and not be controlled. This is never more evident when exampled by children, Teens and wild horses. This also an issue not fully understood by mankind and parents. Most are totally stumped as to how to deal with this “problem” in children. The Elite have this problem dealing with mankind. A true and real understanding of “why” we are what we are, may help in this area. True knowledge and wisdom will always be key in true problem solving for parents and the Elite. And intellect is the “key” in protecting ourselves from the Elite.

Intellect…not intelligence…is what truly separates us from other animals.

It is amazing to actually see the evolution of millions of years exampled in the growing brain functions of a baby, into a child, into a teen and into adulthood. We start off with the basic ability to breath, pump blood, scream, suck milk and crap our pants. As the head grows so does the brain and imagination and learning begin. We become educated (some of us at the end of a belt) and hopefully learn. Then we enter adulthood and a fully developed brain. What we do with our brain…what we program it to do for us; is at question.

  1. You can lead a man to knowledge but you can’t make him think. The process of evolution was very slow to get us to where we are today. We can now go through the millions of years of brain evolution in one life time as we grow up. 1. Basic primitive imaginary mind. 2. Intelligent mind. 3. Intellectual mind(?). 4. One day the inner-consciousness mind.

Amazing; millions of years of brain evolution exampled in the few short years of our life time. However a person can turn away from 3. and 4. if they choose to. There are not mandatory in evolution. This is the higher level of consciousness that a person must willfully develop.

Intellect is the controller of imagination and intelligence. Without intellect the mind spins completely out of control. Man has only had a few 10,000s of years of intellectual development. This is nothing in evolutionary time. Man has scarcely realized intellectual existence believing intellect and intelligence to be synonymous. WRONG. He has not yet accepted the monumental importance of intellect.

We continue to struggle along in our primitive mind learning and developing only with our imagination. And as we see today…mankind is still completely out of control, still in a primitive state of perpetual war against himself; cursed with an inability to control his life on his own, completely dominated/controlled by the collective and the Elite for survival, all the while clinging to the dream/illusion of freedom. Many believe that praying to their imagination will change things. The only thing a person can truly change is themselves and this takes a fully developed mind of intellect to recognize, discern and deal with true reality.

What is Genius?

The mind of genius, that we reverence and aspire to, is relatively new to man. My theory is that a balanced mind of both imagination and intellect is genius. A mind that can invent, see cause and effect beyond that of the normal primitive imaginary mind. Genius may also be developing the mind of inner-consciousness. This mind is created through a long process of willful knowing development. The balanced mind is the mind of genius. Genius is a rare commodity in the evolution of our brain. But what was genius long ago is now common. Genius appears to also be evolving. Those that have and are the pioneers of mankind and pave the way to the future are what we call genius. One day it will be common for all people.

We mostly recognize genius as person capable of advanced memory or by inventions he creates. But we don’t truly realize it is his advanced intellect that creates his higher level of intelligence. Those of genius may not even realize it themselves. Advancing their intellect may simply be second nature to them.

In the past genius was met with much ridicule, fear and hate. Many were murdered or arrested. Even today the true genius is met with anger and negative emotions. WHY?…is a large question. Man hates change and protects violently his antiquated knowledge. Once again…WHY? The Elite hate the common people to have knowledge and intellect because it makes them hard to manipulate and control. Common people are jealous and petty and view genius as an anomaly and not normal, this elevating themselves above the genius with the delusion of superiority; even though they are happy using their inventions. This is a good example of lack of intellectual maturity.

  1. Brain anomalies that point to how little we have truly evolved: There appears to be some minds that are gifted or simply developing/evolving at an accelerated rate. What creates a high IQ? What is a savant? Hyperthymesia – Autobiographical Memory: Ability to recall every moment in your life. Photographical memory. Congenital insensitivity to pain. These are just a few things that we “normal” people are curious, fearful or jealous of. These things may be perceived as anomaly or are they a first of what is evolving for “normal” man? Are this anomalies a different kind of brain or does every brain have the same abilities? We react differently to these anomalies ranging from fear to jealousy because we lack true understanding.

Intellect is the principal factor in realizing and controlling emotions. The brain does not have the natural ability to think logically without it. Emotions are basic primitive brain functions of imagination. To truly control emotions…intellect must first be achieved. Without it we are all simply primitive and reactionary.

This could go on and on so I want to get back on track before this turns into a book.

REALIZATION: As with all things in life things cannot be changed until a realization is first achieved. There is evolution in our thinking process also:

  1. Acknowledgment. 2. Realization. 3. Acceptance. 4. Plan of Action.

Evolution of thought plays a role in every thinking process. To achieve a full and complete thinking process intellect plays a dynamic, if not the definitive role, in assuring a true and real action/outcome will be achieved. “Don’t run off halfcocked” comes to mind. Without intellect we are incapable of a full and complete analogy and you end up with a halfcocked analogy.

How does a person know if they are developing intellect?

This is the definitive question of this paper. How do we as individuals and a world collective realize and accept that we are in the beginning stages of intellectual development and have many miles to go. Man has been at war with himself for 50,000 years and this has not changed one bit from cave man days. This is a definitive empirical proof that man has not yet evolved that much of intellectual mind. The only answer to war of past and present is: more war and better weapons. Most of us realize now what “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result” is: Insanity. OR…is war simply the exact option that the Elite are looking for? And why does humanity so easily accept and support war? To answer that question takes the mind of intellect.

So basically we have been creating a world out of imagination that has produce a world of insanity. My question is…how do we truly change that? My one word answer: Intellect. The religious one word answer: GOD… and of course more war against anyone not believing in their god or religion color.

The inconsequential people that do nothing have no thoughts about it and contribute little to mankind.

We first must realize ‘we are all lacking in intellect’ and begin to develop it. Evolution is a very slow process and we truly have not advanced to step one: Acknowledgment of the true problem. Once there we can go on to 2. Realization 3. Acceptance and then…to 4. Action.

At issue: how many more thousands of years will it take to accomplish this as the bigoted supremest blood continues to flow unabated?

So, how many more years will we continue to murder each other? That is the question we must all ask ourselves. How long will we continue to question who and what we are? What is our reason and purpose for being here? Is it simply a matter of time; that we need to develop a bigger brain? Or is it possible we can, through realization, advance our intellect with willful thinking and evolution analogy?

I think it is time for us to stop asking questions and begin to find definitive answers. Without a balanced mind of both imagination and intellect these questions will forever remain a mystery; and religion war will prevail as our one word answer forever.

If you enjoyed this paper please read this on how to balance the mind: https://sk1951.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/critical-thinking-analogy-of-the-imaginary-and-intellectual-mind/


About sk1951

I think people are very sincere about their faiths and beliefs. It is their good heart and intentions that makes them vulnerable to deceptions and deceit. My life was indoctrination from birth into religion and for 40 years I was completely absorbed by it. But my insatiable desire for knowledge led me away from it. Then I went through an anger phase of hurt over my stupidity. Then I lost my anger about churches, gods and religion because it was really about belief. Then I realized that belief was simply a tool used to obfuscate twist and hide Truth for power and control by the Authoritarians of everything from science to medicine to religion to governments. Now I simply try to share the experiences I progressed through. What people make of it I have no control over. But my heart and intentions are pure and free of deception, agenda or beliefs. Just Truth as I have come to know it.
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7 Responses to 3rd Phase of Universal Evolution an analogy of intellect.

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  4. Thank you for explaining what few of us understand. I liken the development of the mind to seeing people without their clothes on. You can see them, but they have no idea, because they can’t even see themselves. I have a long way to go myself, but it’s frightening that some people aren’t even trying to make sense of life.

    Great piece!

  5. Mike Hill says:

    Abandon all hope, ye of little faith. Cause only you, create your reality. Forget that god shit, love/evol…ve, to the best of your ability, & become your own creator, in your own time. 💖

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