Is there proof of Jesus?

Jesus ta da

Is there proof that Jesus is real?

Yes there is. Lots of it in all the mythological stories that preceded the amalgamated imaginary creation of yet another man god. This god myth incorporated ALL of the previous gods into one leaving not one miraculous event or miracle left out! Truly Amazing!

There are Dozens of God/Savior Men on the records…all carbon copies of each other…without a martyr no religion has a purpose. So Christianity had to inventive one of their own.

The originality of Jesus:

Who was the Son of the highest God, and the biggest healer in Antiquity? He healed the sick and even raised the dead. Hear and behold: former paralyzed walked again, the blind could miraculously see again, and the deaf could listen and the mute speak after the Master’s gentle touch! But he did not only heal the body, he also healed the soul. They called him Savior and Redeemer, and he healed rich and poor, men and women, young and old, slaves and free men, friends and enemies. In one occasion a paralyzed man was brought to him in his bed, and took his bed and left it walking after the Savior had touched him. What was this Savior’s name?

… Asklepios.


Who was born by a mortal virgin mother and had a divine Father, and was known as the “Savior of the world”? Before he was born his parents wandered to a bigger town, and prophets had foretold his birth and that he would be a king. This instigated a search for the infant Savior by a leading figure who wanted to kill him. After growing up the Son of God was shown all the kingdoms of the world from a high mountain. He also walked on water and when he met his end his mother and his favorite disciple stood by him. He then tells his mother: “Do not cry, I’m going to heaven”. When he dies he utter: “It is finished” and the earth trembles and darkness cover the land. Then he ascended to heaven, and his greatest achievement was to conquer death.

His name was of course…Hercules.


We all of course know the Redeemer who was no figure of pagan Greek polytheism. He was the true Savior who wanted to help and save the sinful humans, by sacrificing himself. But he was willing to do this, out of love, pity and compassion for the humans.

His name:…Prometheus.


Now, who was the real Son of God, born by a mortal virgin mother and often presented as the venerated newborn infant, or depicted riding a donkey? He healed the sick and did numerous wonders, among those making fine wine from plain water. He was killed but resurrected from the dead and became immortal. The followers of this God often ate a holy meal in a kind of sacramental union with the deity to achieve immortality after their death. One of this god’s finest achievements was his death, his sacrifice, which delivers the whole human kind.

The God was the very popular Dionysos.


Who is the “Light of the World”, the One, the God who defeated death? Born of a virgin mother, considered the first true King by the people. Who rose from the grave and ascended to heaven. He defeated death, and must be considered the single true God.

Of course the Egyptian Osiris!


Now, the real God often called the “Light of the world”, “The good shepherd”, “The lamb” and is “…the way, the truth, and the life”. Identified with a cross. Who could that be?

Horus, (the son of Osiris).

The original “Light of the world” was the mediator between God and man and was born on the 25th of December. Local shepherds witnessed his birth and gave him gifts. He had 12 disciples, and when his work was done on earth he gathered together to a last supper, and then ascended to heaven. At doomsday he will return to pass judgment on both the living and the dead. The righteous will go to heaven and the sinful will be killed in a giant fire. Sunday is his holy-day, and this religion gave us the seven days of the week. His followers called each other “brothers” and their leaders “fathers.” They practiced baptism and established a sacred meal ritual, where flesh and blood was symbolically consumed by initiates. Above earth was heaven, and below the dark hell with demons and the sinners.

The ‘Light of the World’ is of course the sun god Mithra.

Wise men were led to his birth by a star, and his conception was miraculous. After his birth the ruler in the area wanted him dead and started a hunt for the child. But his parents were warned by a heavenly messenger who told them to escape over the river with the holy child. Here, he was met by shepherds. The boy grew up and did many great deeds, and was the mediator between God and man.

His name: Krishna.


Who then, was the God whose mother was told by an angel that she would give birth to a holy child destined to be a Savior? Even as a child he instructed the priests in the temple in religious matters, while his parents were looking for him. He started his religious career when he was ca 30 years of age, and surrounded himself with 12 disciples. One of the disciples is his favorite another is a traitor. He and his disciples abstain from wealth and travel around talking in parables and metaphors. This God called himself “Son of Man” and was referred to as “Prophet”, “Master” and “Lord”. He did many great wonders and healed the sick, blind could see again and deaf hear.
He also walked on water. When one of his disciples tried to do the same, he started to sink – his faith was not strong enough.

We are here obviously talking about Buddha.


Our Savior cannot be mistaken for any other. He performed countless miracles on earth, miracles well attested to by bystanders. He healed the sick and the crippled, restored sight to the blind, cast out demons, and even raised the dead! His birth was of a virgin, foretold by an angel. While still a child, he exhibited extraordinary knowledge of religious scripture. He reformed the corrupt and worldly religions of his day. He was crucified, rose from the tomb and appeared to his disciples to prove to them his power over death, after which he ascended to Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father. He was known as “the Son of God!” His message is of love and compassion.

We give you: Apollonius of Tyana*


And there is of course the God-man, the prophet, the founder of a great monotheistic religion that still exists today. He preached that there was only one true God, and his teachings focused on the eternal fight between good and evil. The teachings include the idea of the Savior will wake the dead and pass judgment on all. The righteous ones goes to Paradise and the sinful straight to a burning Hell. The very word of Paradise stems from this religion. This semigod started his career in his early thirties, and had a following of disciples. As a band of monks they wandered around, preaching their religion. He was eventually killed and sent to heaven.

And he was the Persian Zarathustra.

The problem for Jesus is that all these deities are much older than him. You don’t have to be very bright to see where the authors of the Gospels got their “divine inspiration” when they created the Jewish version of the popular God-Man/ World Savior of Antiquity.


About sk1951

I think people are very sincere about their faiths and beliefs. It is their good heart and intentions that makes them vulnerable to deceptions and deceit. My life was indoctrination from birth into religion and for 40 years I was completely absorbed by it. But my insatiable desire for knowledge led me away from it. Then I went through an anger phase of hurt over my stupidity. Then I lost my anger about churches, gods and religion because it was really about belief. Then I realized that belief was simply a tool used to obfuscate twist and hide Truth for power and control by the Authoritarians of everything from science to medicine to religion to governments. Now I simply try to share the experiences I progressed through. What people make of it I have no control over. But my heart and intentions are pure and free of deception, agenda or beliefs. Just Truth as I have come to know it.
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