Consciousness and inner-consciousness.

tesla insperation

Consciousness and inner-consciousness.

Personal discovery is the ONLY learning that truly matters to any individual. My analogies are to provoke more thought and questions in the reader by sharing what I have realized as Truth and Reality…as of this writing today. I’ll realize more tomorrow.

The very first thing in discovery is realizing there is something to discover. All my analogies are not truly meant to educate or explain or prove anything; that is for the sciences and I have no personal agenda other than sharing my Truth and Reality experiences. What I do, is attempt to share what I have learned and discovered so others might also become aware and go on to their own learning and discovery.

This subject is without a doubt, one of the most steeped in mystery of all human questions. For me to attempt writing about it is absolutely absurd. But for those that have read my other papers, you know I am not one to shrink from any tough question. I think our attempts to answer the big questions are how we continue to learn. The answers are not in the answers…they are in the questions. I consider Truth to be ONE thing. But it is like a huge jigsaw puzzle and each of us can learn from each other each of us bring pieces of Truth to the table. Mankind and science is on a great path of discovery and a long way from “knowing” virtually anything to its completion!

Our ontological search for Truth. There is NO complete answer to all the questions now being asked and this paper is no different in that there are pieces of the puzzle here but not the whole puzzle. What I am apologizing for is my inability to fully answer all questions in one little paper. Gather what you can from it and add it to your personal search. We have a long road to go to truly knowing all Truth and Reality; NOT gonna’ happen in my life time, of that I am certain.

I think were we get messed up on the big questions is not realize the duality of ALL things mixing them together in a syncretic amalgamated mess. Each question must be two questions and each answer must have two answers, this to appease Truth and imagination, the metaphysical questions . It is when we are incapable of separating duality that everything becomes obfuscated. I have another analogy on duality, as it is also a part of the Truth puzzle, so I won’t elaborate on duality here.

Possible and provable are NOT synonymous.

My first step is assessing possible and provable. I envision two tables where I must place each concept or theory on. To me possible is used all to often in wild flights of fantasy and justified simply because it can’t be proven or disproved; this a poor use of imagination. I have no use for this thinking.

Possible however has some level of validation, proof or reason backed by already known facts. Dietetic reasoning and analogy are a good thing. But there is a place were the completely absurd needs to be discarded (or set on the other table for later review) as irrational fantasy. Where do we draw that line?

The first step to realization of anything is grasping the reality of it and accepting it as real or at least probable. If a person does not have the basic concept of consciousness then it is impossible to fully appreciate the reality of it. At this time in our intellectual evolution it seems we are very confused about consciousness, what it is or does it even exist? I am certain that it does.

So, first let’s separate the two. As always in all my analogies…there is the seen and unseen (yes there is an analogy on this too.) We realize there are powers and forces we cannot see but accept them as true and real (ergo massive arguments ensue about this issue also.) There is a power (of the many powers) in the unseen Universe that I call the Universal mind (some call god.) I will not attempt to explain or prove what god is or is not. This analogy is not that complex and I have no desire to attempt proving things that are simply fantasy imaginary possible; that is up to he who postulates possible.  Asking others to prove or disprove possible is truly idiotic.

We tend to trust what we perceive as true. However, a study of pareidolia will amply show that what our mind creates has little to do with what is actually true and real. So how do we learn to distinguish our perceptional reality from true reality?  It has MUCH to do with what you program your brain to produce for you.


Perceptual and intellectual consciousness.

Consciousness: I think most of us can grasp the concept of our seen reality Universe consciousness. This is an awareness of that which is around us. It is of the seen Universe. We may see things and know or not know or believe what they are…but we are conscious of them, we can think, ponder and discern what they are or are not. Survival instincts are a part of our conscious being. So I simply call our consciousness an acute awareness of the seen universe and the actions that surround us; this as simplistic as I can make it. Truth consciousness will question everything and validate with a reality based intellect and discernment. Fantasies of possible only need belief.

This egg head analogy postulates what I unravel elucidate in my own way: Consciousness is not only and not always consciousness of truth;how are we to understand the inertia and the resistance of the infe-rior dialectics which stand in the way of the advent of the purerelations of impersonal subject and true object and which affect my knowledge with a coefficient of subjectivity? (SB 220; SC 237).” Merleau-Ponty

Separating  our imagined perceptual views WITH a reality based intellectual assessment is what validates probable from possible or simply realizing it as Truth and Reality. I call this division Universal Truth and mans invented truth or truisms.

As a person learns to separate their imaginary reality from Truth and Realty they can use their imagination to imagine an existence where imagination and belief do not exist. An intellect where imagination cannot be used to explain things. It is a hard exercise for those deeply rooted in imaginary concepts. Especially for those prejudges toward only conceived perceived belief explanations of reality. Truth Reality imagination and intellect should not be juxtaposed but they can be separated and realized individually, then integrated as two side of the same coin.

Inner Consciousness: This is the real confusing confounding question today. Tesla spoke of this power and made claim that his inspirations came from the Universe of knowledge. Personally, I tend to agree with the man in that he was the greatest discoverer of Universal powers ever to exist (in my bias opinion.) So, inner-consciousness; when “realized as true and real” is our ability to join with the Universal mind or Universal intellect. Our developing evolving intellect is a key to this realization (what is intellect is also a study.) So seriously…this really isn’t some weird science mystical magical fantasy thing that is beyond our ability to comprehend as real. It is simply a gestalts understanding that everything is more than it appears to be and without continual questions we cannot move forward intellectually.

This is the area of discovery mankind has been and is entering. I have writings about our human mental evolution as:

  1. The basic brain stem primitive survival mind and emerging imagination.
  2. Intelligence created by experiences and learning.
  3. Intellect that analyzes and discerns Truth from fiction, imagination from reality.
  4. Consciousness and inner-consciousness awareness.

Now we must add a 5th evolution: Telepathy. We all have an awareness of telepathic abilities mostly from science fiction movies. However…what other logical reason for inner-consciousness of the unseen powers of intellect and knowledge can there be? I have experienced this phenomenon of inspiration that Tesla spoke of, it comes as an instant burst of realization in your brain…very overwhelming even disconcerting at times but wonderful. I have to scramble for pen and paper or I lose the inspiration…they do not live in my memory at first. Tesla said he was a “discoverer not an inventor” and that his inventions came to him all at once and complete in his mind…all he had to do was assemble them. Tesla also had an almost inhuman memory and could recite books from memory. I question if there is a Universal memory that can be taped into also?

Inspiration is the “language” of the Universal mind.

Inspiration is not an unknown phenomenon and is shared by many (however it is also an intensive study I will not go into here.) There is duality in inspirations also of the seen and unseen. Some are inspired by god this leading to a greater understanding of god. Others are inspired by learning (like Tesla) and other great inventors. I am inspired by Universal Truth and Reality this leading to greater realization levels of Truth and Reality. Some are inspired to write music or poetry or by love and compassion. Inspiration is also a very deep and not truly realized or understood phenomena that we all must research inside ourselves for Truth of what inspiration is or is not in our individual lives.

So the question: Is there inspiration duality of the seen and unseen Universes also? And how do we differentiate where the inspiration is coming from? Can they be faults or untrue? Can the brain on its own produce inspiration too? For me a divining point is Truth. The brain may produce whatever we program it to produce. The Universal mind is pure knowledge and only produces Truth. What is Truth? Well, that is a whole ‘nother study and analogy paper!

I should also clarify forces and powers. I consider forces to be those of nature of the seen Universe and powers to be of the unseen Universe i.e. Life Creation and Universal intellect. We see the “results” of forces and powers but not the true force or power; however we realize and accept them as true because of the evidence. Some are happy with imaginary belief interpretations, while science hopes to one day solve the riddle and truly know what these forces and powers are. LOTS to talk about but at another time.

Of course at this point literally hundreds of questions can be raised. And that is the point. More questions are necessary for us to continue on our intellectual inner-personal evolution and realization of Truth and Reality. Realistically, I think there will ALWAYS be far more questions than answers…but that is the joy of discovery. Some people are simply not interested.

Learning what others know or think they know is fun but it must be taken to the next level. The master hopes his students will exceed him…not become him. People write at the level of their current understanding…but they have not stopped at what they wrote. So it is important for you to not stop there also. Use others information to build on, not as something to build a static existence on; this simply friendly advice. Move on to the next question and discover YOUR inner-consciousness and connection to the Universal mind. Tesla would love that and so would I!

I’m looking forward to the day that everyone is working and searching to find more pieces of the Truth puzzle to share with us all. Thanks for reading and sharing with me.

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I think people are very sincere about their faiths and beliefs. It is their good heart and intentions that makes them vulnerable to deceptions and deceit. My life was indoctrination from birth into religion and for 40 years I was completely absorbed by it. But my insatiable desire for knowledge led me away from it. Then I went through an anger phase of hurt over my stupidity. Then I lost my anger about churches, gods and religion because it was really about belief. Then I realized that belief was simply a tool used to obfuscate twist and hide Truth for power and control by the Authoritarians of everything from science to medicine to religion to governments. Now I simply try to share the experiences I progressed through. What people make of it I have no control over. But my heart and intentions are pure and free of deception, agenda or beliefs. Just Truth as I have come to know it.
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