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(I seriously doubt I will ever be able to finish this paper but I share it with a few in its incomplete state simply because I’m not sure if I will finish it. I post a new version of it every weekend. )

My personal study notes of “Truth – Reality – Belief”

and the authoritarian belief systems.

Brief study sections are:

The brain: manual and automatic thinking:

Our brain relationship:

Possible and Probable:

Certainty” knowing, beliefs, understanding, science:

The history of “thinking” intelligence intellect imagination knowledge science and belief:

The 3 basic levels of belief:

The benign belief:

Binary belief system answers:

The rational and irrational beliefs:

Belief addiction:

Authoritarian belief systems:

Beliefs power over the mind:

The reality “invention” and creation of belief:

Knowledge is a subset of belief”: is this true?:

3 Knowledge sources:

Is belief a choice?:

Truth or belief?:

The POWER of belief and the effect on the mind:

Is belief thinking truly about “thinking?” Belief certainty:

Imagination and intellect discernment:

Science beliefs:

Belief “entitlements”:

Protection of belief ideology as a “right”:

Belief as morality:

Stockholm syndrome psychology belief:

Generational belief stratagems:

Should we continue to protect authoritarian belief systems?:

AFTERLIFE” “safe or saved passage” belief:

SAVED” passage belief. The advent of theocratic afterlife authoritarianism:

What is creating the belief disbelief insanity?

Secular agnostic support of insanity:

Deprogramming rehabilitating and freeing the “thinking” brain:

Born an atheist belief:

Truth “IN” Reality:

Deprogramming and retraining the thinking mind. Know or don’t know. Knowing is a never ending process just like answers.


It is said that a true master or Truthsayer does not seek for personal attention or gain. He seeks for NO followers. His aspiration is to share and expand Truth and that those he shares with, will go on to build onto and exceed his study discoveries and analogies and continue the sharing with others. That the mind of man and his evolving intellect will be improved by his incite, inspirations, wisdom, instruction and sharing of Truth “IN” Reality.

If Truth is the goal, is it not important to know what Truth itself is?

This question has plagued mankind since forever. What is Truth, where does it come from, where does it exist, why is it hiding from us? What is Reality? And ironically, no one questions “what is belief” but we use belief many times everyday. These seemingly unanswerable questions of what is Truth, Reality and Belief are the base of my study and research. My hope is to shed some dialectic reasoning and elucidation on these, the most important questions mankind has ever asked. I do NOT attempt to answer these questions “for anyone” other than myself. I simply share what I have learned and hope it may assist others in their quest for finding “their” Truth IN Reality. Any “following” should be of your your own path of discovery.

The problem when dealing with topics and things that only exist in the mind and brain is…there is no proof to present. It only exists in the mind. The “proof” of belief, is, that people believe. And all there is, is other peoples interpretations, subjective concepts and beliefs. This study may be considered subjects that are “unseen” unknowable and not of the material universe; and; this is of course true. So how do “we” proceed to know the unknowable? How do we know when we know Truth?

Strangely, we all seem to have the ability to see Reality and describe it to each other in agreement. We can all look at a tree or a car and each description, from each person, will be acceptable to all of us. But it is when the “unknown or unseen” topics arise, that the mind and brain seems to malfunction. The what “IS” the tree or car comes into question. Our inability to decipher, understand and communicate our brain functions imagination of the unknown, creating the most horrific examples of insanity, inhumanity to man and genocidal war ever recorded. Most people will not have a problem with a disagreement about opinion variations. But when a belief is challenged; it becomes highly emotional and even deadly. Why is belief so emotional…this a part of the many questions I have attempted to find and share answers to.

To me: beliefs MUST be “realized” as true. Beliefs only exists in the mind so it is the mind that must justify them. PROOF is validated by caused and effect and using mental “realization processes” of mans forever evolving intellect, intelligence, discernment tools of: logic, reason, insight, epiphany and inspiration are what guides a persons brain; to realize what it real and what is not. The final determining factor?…that is up to each individual to decide for themselves what real Truth and Reality are. And share what we learn with others, just as we do anything else we learn or believe. Real Truth becomes obvious when all the tools of discernment are applied to any subject matter or question. Without discernment all we do is invent beliefs.

The final and most critical decision should NOT be simply an acceptance of “voted on” bias peer review truth, following authoritarian beliefs invented to control the masses or believing in ancient, antiquated 5000 year old “moral majority” beliefs and superstitions…it should be inner personal “experienced knowledge” and wisdom that each of us uses to create “our individual” inner Truth “OF” Reality. Each brain finding Truth for itself and comparing it to the mass indoctrinated common knowledge, commonly accepted as fact or settled science, being taught indoctrinated in our schools, churches, political platforms, media propaganda and “theoretical, hypothetical, theory” science fantasy laboratories of astromathamagitions, CGI computer simulations, and “theoretical fantasy” meant to entertain and amaze the mind and create funding for the never ending “projects” they invent. And if they create a belief that these fantasies are real…that’s OK too.

Does this sound to bias toward the self interest side of humanity? It is simply meant as a warning that duality exist in all things, especially when it come to the self interest of men. This is simply natural and normal for all humans. And without a really well developed “discernment program” a person has NO way to decipher truth from fantasy, good from bad intentions or the ability to fully protect himself and his family from belief abuse stratagems and scams. Belief stratagems don’t work without the help, aid, assistance and cooperation of the intended target. How do we learn to NOT BE a co-conspirator against ourselves?

Truth is for the individual to realize. “Real Truth” is not validated by the masses or voted on to suddenly become Truth. Truth and Reality have always been eternal, existing long before man began to imagine it or “peer review” began to vote on it. Truth is NOT created with imagination, beliefs are. Truth and Reality stand alone with NO validation needed by mankind or mankind at all! Realization and acceptance of Reality is what builds a persons internal Truth; NOT an “imaginary invention/perception/subjective creation” of Reality. A perfect Truth being a perfect realization of true and real Reality. There is no path to Truth. It is not found in a far away place. Truth does not exist in the universe as a “thing” that can be touched or held. Truth is also one of the many things that only exists in the mind and brain of each of us. We build our own Truth piece by piece with discernment, insight, epiphany and inspirations. Our Truth of Reality discovery is a never ending process because realization and empirical science learning of Reality is never ending. So how do we, each of us individually, begin to build our personal Truth – based on real Reality? How do we truly know what is real and what is not? I hope to help clarify these questions in the following short analogies.

The most powerful force/power known to man is the atom. A tiny microscopic entity that is perfect, complete, alone and totally independent of everything around it. If divided the atom creates great destruction. Yet together…atoms create the universe. I think of our humanity this way. We are only as strong as each individual. Divided we create great destruction, pain and suffering. United our potential for wondrous creation and peaceful coexistence beyond the greatest imagination; is probable. It is not going to be “followers” that will bring peace and harmony to mankind. It will not be “leaders” lusting for power greed and control. It will be the greatness and power of true individuals, that realize our power comes from within first, our internal power then shared and combined with others, that will phoenix create “human kind” out of the ashes of ancient superstition believing; genocidal warring, bigoted, racist, hate creating mankind.

Obviously, my work and research will NOT be accepted by everyone, this why I call it critical thinking analogies. But this is true of “any information” because disagreement is mankind’s legacy. War and killing our greatest achievement; considered glorious and honorable by most. War the base and reason for all our wonderful technologies that we all love so dearly. Technology was scarcely more than ideas to better kill people in greater numbers and the necessity of figuring out ways to not be killed. I find this reality so sad. But this motivation has taken us into space and we have TV, microwaves, computers that are doing our work and cars that are learning to drive themselves! The absolute certainty that Artificial intelligence will be brought into war play a given. I seriously do not see the industrial war machine complex or the afterlife belief ending any time soon.

Few look for commonality to build on only looking for points of contention to argue, hate and fight about. People love to talk of peace. But peace is the natural state of the universe. Peace is not created it can only be destroyed. Peace is all around you. And that has been mans greatest achievement…destroying his peace while claiming it is peace he is after. What a strange anomaly and paradox; destroying what you are seeking and claim you hope to achieve it. Mans insanity is also a part of this study paper.

My fervent hope is to share with the “atoms” of mankind, that also seek to evolve into peace loving human kind, that will help unravel the ancient mass genocidal mess we now call humanity. Our natural nurturing “empathic humanity” nature is already there inside each of us…we simply need to realize it, accept it, embrace it, expand on it and share it with the future. The whole of humanity; bound by the tiny atom power of the one; The inner powers of the true empathic, peace loving individual our greatest strength as a society and spices and the building block of “human kinds” societal future.


Learning from others is important. But learning from your inner-self to assemble the many pieces of Reality we gather daily is even more important. Without the powers of intellect, discernment and reason the learning means nothing. People have a great concern about where information comes from and what they should believe, as well they should. They worry about the source. What the credentials are of the author or speaker. Is it voted on truth of Peer review approved? But this kind of search only finds what others already believe to be true and want YOU to believe what they believe, is true. Is this truly only what we want to find…what others believe to be true? Learning to “parrot” the same indoctrinated, ancient information that is being handed down “unquestioned” generation after generation, never changing the atrocities mankind has and is facing? I find the ancient “unquestioning belief indoctrination system” to be fundamentally flawed and propose ways we can alter and change how we “think” and “find” Truth IN “Reality.”

I have failed to make clear in previous analogy the “3” different forms of belief. I have little concern over WHAT people believe and focus on WHY we believe, the “cause and effect” history of belief chronology, how belief systems first evolved and came into existence. I also look at “disbelief” of “thinking” …the unquestioning acceptance of belief, as a part of my belief study. What “IS” belief my primary interest.

ALL people are familiar with “beliefs” and they accept, profess and proselytize belief on a daily basis. They do so not knowing or questioning what “belief” itself is or knowing the history of belief. What are the 3 levels of belief, the personal “belief systems” and the authoritarian commercialized, industrialized, weaponized, indoctrination; in all the many forms of “belief systems?” A complete in depth, encyclopedic study/analogy would take volumes of books and most people are not interested in that kind of read: TL; DR. So for now, I submit this short analogy review. For now, I simply hope to inspire a true interest in what IS belief and possibly inspire a new quest to find real Truth and Reality.

Currently, the only information studies available or Peer review, focus on the internal psychology of belief brain function or focus on religion beliefs and are, of course, very interesting; they are inherently supportive of the belief system way of “thinking” however; they do not analyze social structure ramifications, the “negative side” or the duality of “belief” itself. The psychology of the brain is interesting but what is “creating” the psychology, what is forming our thoughts, our thinking and “social realities”…what is creating our “beliefs” is most interest to me.

Much of psychology deals with the “negative” aspects and events of the brain…what causes negative malfunction manifestations of the persons themselves, that are considered “sick” when negative events happen? Most doctors look for an outside source or trauma of physical or emotional suffering that create a psychotic brake. I hold that much of the “insanity” we see in mankind is from processes that are internalized from the outside, the “intentional stratagem programing” of the brain, that is creating “cognitive dissonance” that is the real root of our social problems. Our brains are intentionally being made very confused…and this confusion is obvious in social world view that spills over as suicide, rape, murder, war and genocide. Much of our insanity is being created; it is NOT simply a malfunction, defect or chemical imbalance of the brain itself. A “confused” brain is much easier to manipulate and control than a rational healthy thinking brain and “we” are being con-fused for a reason.

I failed in previous attempts to clarify, explain, elucidate and expand our realization knowledge base of WHAT belief and the belief system(s) are. In my analogies I DO attempt to answer many questions for myself, however it is in “creating an interest” in the study of belief for others, that I have failed. Camaraderie in this study is a very hard thing to create. Creating “critical thinking interest” in belief itself being my main objective for sharing my personal information in this paper. I seek to CON-vince no one of anything. It is up to each of us individually to determine what is happening to their brain.

My work is primarily about the external ancient authoritarian invented “commercialized belief system.” My study is not meant to be supportive or dismissive of belief but is meant to analyze the “duality of belief” and the belief systems, areas that have not yet been studied and “hidden” in plain sight. What is the “good and the bad” of belief systems; what is the duality and how it is effecting each of us; our world population; are critical issues that need to be critiqued “if” we hope to bring about true and lasting world humanity peace; to restore peace…not create it.

I have found that attempting to provide answers does not work, because most people are resistant to answers and prefer to discover for themselves. Most find people that attempt to “explain” to be arrogant, egomaniac, knowitall and boring. I have found that attempting to provide answers for people…is quickly rewarded with anger, insults and slander as a reward for the attempt. Most people work in two frames of mind of bias belief or disbelief. Most want “support for what they already believe” and if that is not apparent…they turn to disbelief and work to discredit the information provided. People simply have to find their own answers and create their own Truth; for it to be real; to them; but sadly most people create beliefs instead of finding Truth IN Reality. So I only share what “I” have found to be real Truth “IN” Reality. Nothing in my analogies will ever be found in Peer review because everything I share exists only in our minds. No one can vote on what you have in your head. No one can tell you what you already believe is wrong. Unless of course you are broken and find yourself in jail, a court or physiologists office, then a judge may rule on how your brain is working.

Most (or all) I have shared with believe my research intent is to “attack beliefs” but it is quite the opposite. This is not a fault of the study, as much as it is, there simply is, NO information or support available for me to use for “citation” of my work. NO way for me to actually validate or PROVE what I am saying is real. It takes the truly dedicated “Truth seeker”; a mind of discerning intellect, common sense logic and reason, combined with a view of historical and current empirical validation, that supports the research I share. There is massive evidence…but how it is accepted as proof and validation is left to each individual to decide for themselves. Amazingly; belief, Truth and Reality are all “hidden” in plain sight and this is what I attempt to elucidate. What is “hiding” them from us? How can we not see and know what is so obvious to us “ALL?” Why do so many claim the want to “find” Truth? Why is Truth not simply obvious to us all?

This abbreviated essay is about raising consciousness and realization of belief duality. There are many more questions, than there are answers at this time. The questions truly do need to be analyzed and answered because it is critical to our “thinking discerning evolution” from the caveman superstitions and beliefs of ancient mankind mentality “thinking” if we ever hope to advance evolve into human kind “intellect discernment thinking.” A dialectic expansion “bigger picture” of belief and the belief systems is of primary importance if we wish to uncover and realize the real “Truth “of” Reality.”

Historically, there has been nothing more dangerous then attempting to share what a person finds in Truth and Reality. There are literally hundreds or thousands of people that were jailed, murder martyred for their attempts. Luckily, all I encounter is slander and hate mongering…a small price to pay for Truth. Yet this strange resistance of mankind against Truth and Reality expansion is also one of my greatest confounding questions…WHY…does this horrific Truth resistance anomaly exist? Why are people willing to die for and kill to protect their beliefs instead of real Truth?

I have sent many letters and emails of thanks to people that have added to my intellect with their books, blogs and videos. Sadly I cannot send a letter to those that have sacrificed their very lives to share Truth with me some over 6000 years old. Why some very special people found Truth to be more important than their very life, is also one of my greatest interests. I do not cover any of these questions in this analogy but my hope is that you will seek out the Truth tellers of our past and present to add to your knowledge base. Why was Truth more important then their very lives? Why did they NOT believe as everyone else did? Why were they willing to risk horrific deaths and jail simply to share what they had found to be real Truth? And why are their still people to this day willing to continue the quest for Truth with belief challenging them at every turn, with believers still willing to slander and even kill to protect their beliefs?

I seek to con-vince no one of anything. I have been working this study for over 30 years and freely share what I have learned. The amazing thing is that I am just beginning to uncover the depth and width of “what” belief and the belief systems truly are. I am literally amazed by new inspirations and epiphanies on a daily bases. The HOW beliefs are used to control people: “authoritarian commercialized belief” dating back over 5000 years, is both amazing and horrific in psychological stratagem. There are “secrets” that are ancient and mystifying to discover…we are faced with a 5000 year old “authoritarian created stratagem” disadvantage. My hope is to find others ready and willing to share in this internal discovery and assist in the elucidations of what is only found inside our brains. Sharing with others is my only motivation and quest. YOU sharing Truth with others my ultimate goal.

Chronological history of intelligence – intellect – “thinking” – imagination – knowledge – science and belief:

In my critical thinking analogies, I like to go back in time as far as I can and work forward, taking into account as much as I can that has had an impact on my study subject. To me, an understanding of how our intelligence evolved is very interesting. For this paper I am only going to present my very basic essentials.

I think brain matter and size has been a huge part of intelligence evolution. We started with a 400cc brain that was little more than brain stem that worked to keep body functions active and it simply did not have the power to evolve intelligence. I question “why” our brains grew? Was it adaptation or was it the advent of “thinking” itself that promoted brain growth? Some claim it was from protein rich meat when we learned to hunt animals. There is evidence of a 1600cc brain in Peruvian elongated skulls. But no matter how it happened, today we are working with a 1200cc brain.

As self awareness grew, so did consciousness of the universe and nature. The mind began to question and with questions came problem solving…imagination evolved. Our first true “thinking” mind was our imagination. Our imagination works today just as it always has. It is the foundation of our intelligence and the builder of our knowledge base. Without imagination there simply would be no “thinking” brain.

As we encountered real problems or imagined what the universe is “solving” questions and problems evolved. Some problems were hands on needing invention solving and some problems were simply questions invented by our imagination. Questions of life, the universe and reality became imaginary question problems. We began to question what “we” are, the universe and nature. We began to “solve” these mysteries in our heads. This the beginnings of logic, reason and beliefs. Everything was and still is built from imagination. Our original developing knowledge was based on our belief that what we invented with our imagination is true and real and this methodology of problem solving has carried forward to this day. Our imagination created “problems” and our imagination solved them.

Way off into the future was science and the “empirical science process” that works to validate with facts and proof to “prove” what the mind imagined, this the beginning of the “intellect discerning thinking” mind. The “intellect thinking system” the newly forming evolving controlling thinking mind over our imagination. Beliefs DO NOT like to be questioned and demand only acceptance. The science process is nothing but never ending questions and challenges to beliefs. Empirical science validates with proof…not belief.

Today…the conflict of imagined “belief based reality” and “intellect Reality based empirical science” that validates imagination and beliefs with proof and fact processing are in conflict. Our ancient original thinking imaginations are being challenged with the newly evolving intellect thinking. This paper will work to explore and elucidate this “problem” conundrum further.

The brain:

When working on a study of things that only exist in the brain, a working analogy of the brain itself is essential.

There is absolutely nothing more interesting to me than our brains. EVERYTHING in a persons life is created by the brain. The brain works to interpret every thing you “see” and everything you experience. YOU do not experience anything…your brain does. You do not “see” anything; your brain does and “tells you” what you see. Mankind’s greatest power is the ability to over ride the automatic brain and use it like a personal computer. We can program our brain with our own “thinking” and make it bend to our will. We can “out smart” our brain and tell IT what to think and believe.

The connection between “us” and our brain is the main focus of my brain study. The brain operates on its own doing most things for us on automatic. Reflexes allow us to drive a car, our brain making calculations of speed and distance with no manual “thinking” by us needed. We allow our brain to look at Reality and interpret what things are for us and we accept as true and real what the brain interprets of visual and sensory input, this creating “our” Reality. We trust our brain to do this for us. My question is, when and why do we “stop trusting” our automatic logic and reason brain, using it to determine what “we” think is right or logical and literally force our brain to accept what we have “imagination think” created; believing this is real instead of what our brain is telling us is real? The brain has a mind of intellect discernment but how many people know how to access and use it to separate fantasy from Reality?

To me the war between men is simply the war that is ongoing inside our heads spilling out onto mankind. We simply do not fully understand our own brains and the relationship between our brains reality and what we want to build for ourselves out of imagination and belief or what we imagine is reality. This is creating anger, hate and rage between those that are trusting their brains logic and reason to perceive and interpret Reality for them and those that use their brain to create imagined realities and beliefs. The brain, as powerful as it is, does not have the power to stop someone from using it to create a fantasy reality; however, cognitive dissidence and reality confusion is the result. Mankind is “reality challenged” by belief inventions and the authoritarian belief systems.

“We” do have the power to over ride our brain and force it to believe what WE “choose” to believe. We can invent what we believe reality is and force our brain into acceptance. Belief is NOT created by your brain for you…you take over the power of your brain and force it to create the imagination invented belief. This belief creation has proven to be the very worst of all mans creations and has produced more war and inhumanity to man than anything else, war to protect beliefs. Belief is simply a very powerful and very dangerous thing and is con-fusing our brain into cognitive dissonance…we have become reality challenged and question what Reality truly is…many claiming it is con-septual.

People simply cannot tell, realize and separate, what “real Reality” is over man invented belief reality. Mankind is questioning what Truth and Reality really are because we con-vert Reality into a fantasy and then believe what we invented is Reality…so we are no longer able to know, recognize and realize true and real Reality. Then we question why we are so confused about what Truth and Reality are.

Our brain relationship:

Learning how to work “with” our brain. Realizing how our brain works for us “on demand” and “on its own” is an area of great interest to me. I call this “automatic thinking” and our manual ability to take control of our brain to make it do what we want or what we “tell” it to do, what we program it to do.

“How” do we do this is an area that I don’t think has been studied or understood. I think men of genius understand this working relationship, allowing their brain to work freely on its own more than most people. Most of us are “using” our brain doing the “thinking” for it. We don’t truly understand how to allow our brains to work on its own for us. We “think” we have to be in control of it all the time, when it is really the reverse. It is a combination balance of working “with” our brain that gives a person the powers of insight and the ability to grasp true Truth IN Reality. It is the brain working on its own that finds Truth IN Reality for us. It is when we are NOT in control of our brain that the real power of the brain is unleashed.

The brain on its own will work to interpret and solve problems we put to it. We develop intellect thinking of logic, reason, common sense, rationality, discernment, compare possibility against probability, all this power is available to us…IF…we allow our brain to function as it was intended. Our brains may work subconsciously on a problem for a minuet, a year or more before an epiphany or inspiration happens and you realize a new truth or reality. It is the combination of manual and automatic brain thinking that creates genius or what some like to call “higher enlightenment or new age.” But this is just normal for our brain. Most of us block this dual thinking process. This duality of automatic and manual thinking anyone can achieve by developing a “relationship” with their brain instead of always controlling it…never learning how to truly communicate with their brain.

The brain on its own will NOT invent a belief. Beliefs and imagination fantasy are created by manual thinking. And it takes the brain on automatic intellect discernment thinking to sort out what we invent with manual thinking. The balanced mind of genius uses both the subconscious automatic thinking “inspiration and epiphany” mind AND the Reality based mind of intellect discernment thinking.

I call probability thinking automatic and possibility thinking manual. The brain on its own can use imagination and so can “we” use imagination manually. And when working to sort out manual thinking is when our relationship becomes the most important. A brain must be “allowed” to sort out the fantasy and imaginary “possibility” thinking that we all love to invent. Without the balance of all the tools of intellect discernment thinking…all we end up with is “manually invented” fantasy and beliefs. Our brains KNOW what true Reality is. But we must “allow” our brains to show and teach us about it. But most of us “invent” what we think reality is…and then believe what we invented is actually reality. And then question what reality actually is claiming that NO ONE can know what reality is. We…create…cognitive dissonance…NOT our brain. Cognitive dissonance is created by using only manual “thinking” without the control of the intellectual discerning mind.

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” Nikola Tesla.

Possible and Probable:

Most people banter about possible and probable as if they are synonymous. They are anything but! Possible is nothing more than imaginary fantasy and the food stuff of belief. Probable has some reality base, however small, attached to it.

Possible, as an imaginary invention, is often considered Reality because no one can prove that the possible belief is not real. So the base for something being real, is the inability to disprove that it is real? I only make this small point simply to share my thinking of how incredibly ludicrous this thinking is to me.

The 3 basic levels of belief are:

1. Beliefs are what people believe. Even our emotions have an elements of belief involvement.

2. The personal “belief system” is the internalization indoctrination of beliefs and how belief controls and operates on the mind of individuals, societies and the world population. Personal and world physiology and psychological issues in question.

3. The external force of the ancient “commercialized” “industrialized” “weaponised” authoritarian invented “belief systems” is the main focus of my study and research; Psychological for power and control belief stratagems.

The benign belief: The dangers…

Most, if not all people, believe that beliefs are paramount to both themselves and mankind and view beliefs as nothing but innocent, innocuous and reality supportive. That without beliefs there simply would be no social structure or morality. Virtually everything from science to governments, religion, law, medicine and indoctrinated “education” have a belief and belief system base. How belief plays a role in virtually every aspect of our human existence is a huge and amazing study…IF a person has an interest as I do.

Truth and Reality are actually the easiest of all things to realize and know as true. It is the science of how the universe of Reality works that gets complex. And the stratagems of authoritarians to obfuscate Reality into fantasy beliefs creates the worst of our cognitive dissonance. This the base for all our hate, bigotry, wars and genocides. It is good to be careful of what you believe because it might go off and kill somebody including yourself.

“You have to believe in something.” This statement has been heard by us all. The benign beliefs are utilized as a smoke screen cover, to help support and indoctrinate the belief system. People like to express things like “you believe in yourself” or “you believe the sun will come up” and on and on. But most of these things are simply expectations and not really a belief.

Benign beliefs are paramount in first step achievement for the induction and indoctrination into the belief system. Most children start off with Santa and the Easter bunny and work up to adult beliefs from there. Obviously, most consider children’s beliefs to be benign, the mental impact discarded as irrelevant. The “invisible friends” of children overlooked as an early warning sign of belief indoctrination and supported as “normal.” The invisible friends of children will soon pass to become the invisible friends of the adults…but THESE invisible friends are REAL! We call this normal.

Ironically, people can easily see the crazy in others beliefs…but not in their own. This approaching a Twilight Zone dilemma to me.

Certainty” knowing, beliefs, understanding, science:

Some words are simply iconic and illogical. Like certainty. Certainty is truly the ultimate misnomer. Belief and knowing are words that infer certainty. There truly is nothing that is not connected to everything else. A study of anything leads to and branches out in all directions. So to “know anything” to an “ultimate certainty” would mean that a person now possess all the knowledge of everything in the universe.

There is no brain or computer big enough to hold all the knowledge of the universe. And it is very doubtfully that “knowing” of everything will ever happen by man or computer. Even “understanding” can be misleading because it is predicated on a “conceptual” understanding. You may “think” you understand…but do you really?

So I have learned to be very careful with using or hearing these words. People that say they know or believe anything truly DO NOT…because it is basically impossible to truly know or have a “belief certainty” of anything. Certainty is the ultimate epitome of egoism and closed mindedness. An open mind simply means it is not closed to new discoveries and professes a willingness to change or add to, as new discoveries and information is found and available to expand or correct their knowledge base in real Reality. Beliefs and certainties cannot be changed.

Understanding has some give and take and does not really profess a certainty. Understanding is open for more information that can be added to an understanding. I like understanding. An “understanding mind” is an analytical searching and seeking mind…an open mind. In real and true science there is truly NO certainties because true science knows that new discoveries happen everyday that can change or alter every aspect of current “understanding” of virtually any and everything. Some science will say “facts as we know them today” and I like that statement…it leaves the door for further research and expanded understanding open.

I do have issues with “voted on” truth bias as in peer review where a few people decide what is true. Corporate money and science grant money has horrifically corrupted the peer review process. And “common knowledge” really means mass held truth which may be totally wrong or simply an ancient antiquated belief; “knowledge the subset of belief.” And “accepted as true or accepted science” simply means absolutely nothing to me at all! What does “accepted” even mean when applied to Truth and Reality? People that “accept or submit” to anything is like saying they have been defeated and beaten down into submission and acceptance.

I suggest that these words: certainty, belief, understanding, acceptance, KNOWING be used very carefully and seriously considered before verbalizing or professing to yourself or anyone else. You may be simply deluding yourself and attempting to delude others into accepting a “closed mind.”

Obviously I am not a proponent of a closed mind.

Binary bias belief disbelief system “answers”:

For real “debate” to happen, both belief disbelief bias must be pushed aside. NO bias; does not exist in a bias based system and bias will NEVER be pushed aside in a bias based system. I have rarely seen any real debate. All I ever see are arguments, fights, anger, war and genocide over what people believe is true or real.

The belief system insures that war over belief bias will never end.

If mankind operated asking only questions that are “binary” in answers then the belief disbelief system would be ideal. But virtually NOTHING has only one or the other answers. But for the last 5000 years this is how we have operated, under the yoke of belief or disbelief. This one more of the reasons I deprogrammed de-indocrinated from the ancient antiquated authoritarian belief system…because it never has real answers, never addressing questions in true open and honest debate and only supports the two answer belief disbelief bias. Time for a change of “thinking” processes or simply time to start learning to think and stop believing.

There is no compromise in the belief system. Belief is a “take it or leave it proposition” of mob rule overt the minority and if you don’t take it…there are consequences. The future of mankind will NOT be built on mob belief rule. It will take intellectual reasoning and compromise. There are simply to many people to continue on with a failed belief disbelief system that promotes that EVERYONE should believe exactly alike for peace to be achieved; this only produces more hate, bigotry, war and genocide. NO two people will EVER believe exactly alike let alone everyone on earth. This thinking is simply insanity!

In empirical science there normally is only one true and real answer to many questions and in Truth there is only one real Truth. Few real and true “answers” have yet to be found. Science is the study of what exists. I call the universe Reality. I call Truth what we learn of Reality. Science works to answer questions of what the universe is and how it operates. Science looks for the Truth in Reality. I call empirical science the study of Reality. In true Reality there is only one real answer to most questions. Finding that one real answer is the quest of Reality based science. Ironically, any real and true answer will also open the door to many more questions. So the question/answer process is truly never ending. The word “answer” infers a certainty…but this is not really true because there are NO real certainties about anything in Reality.

The universe itself is in a constant state of change. So science and knowledge cannot stay in a state of constants. Even humanity is changing every day; mentally, socially and physically. Knowledge is an ever expanding living entity that will never be a certainty. But most people WANT the comfort of “certainty” and belief and knowing provide this comfort for most people. But it is a fantasy and not real. And humanity itself is definitely not in a state of “comfort” or peace. So just what is this belief certainty system really worth to us? Is it truly worth all the hate, war and genocide?

In the belief based system there are 2 answers…belief or disbelief. In religion there is only one answer: God. In the belief disbelief system there is only two “answers” belief or disbelief. In true Reality and science each answer leads to many more questions…the questions a never ending process of learning and discover of what true Reality is. So in Reality based thinking there really is NO answers because each “answer” simply leads to more questions. There is never any real “certainty” in the study of what is real and how the universe operates. And for me…I’m happy “not knowing” virtually anything. The never ending learning is my passion.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

The rational and irrational beliefs:

Separating reality from non reality is currently a huge dilemma for mankind. What is Truth? What is Reality? This has been a “rival” emotional based question for over 5000 years. The most amazing anomaly is all the anger, hate, bigotry, separation, war and genocide generated by the arguments over what is real and what is fantasy; the war over beliefs. This argument extends and infects everything from science to government to ideologies. Is this by accident or design?

Basically, humanity is divided into two camps. One side believes, what they believe, is real and true. And the other side does NOT believe, what other people believe, is true. THIS creating monstrous separation between people. From an authoritarians point of view this is wonderful…because a divide people are much easier to rule over. AND…it helps politico division because the “leaders” need only determine which side is “winning” or who is the majority, to know who to pander too. Thus providing them with a majority voting base. For the last 5000 years the “belief based” majority has been “winning” the belief system propagated and indoctrinated by the belief system authoritarians. History shows that when belief becomes threatened by logic and reason…a “good” war and genocide typically has put the belief system firmly back in place over Truth and Reality.

Truth tellers and scientists have always been attacked, ridiculed, even killed, murdered and martyred. We herald these past men in history in high esteem today…hundreds of years later and after the fact of their tortured demise. But today…great men of truth and science are still being slander, ridiculed and murdered…and one day…hundreds of years from now…they will be elevated to high esteem also. Some things never change…but is it time to change?

Belief and disbelief are NOT an answer to anything and in fact; prevent real answers from being found or realized. Truth is what we learn about the real and true universe…I call this Reality. Truth and belief both only exist in our heads…NOT in the universe. But they cannot exist together. One will cancel out the other. Truth and belief are advisories. Belief based knowledge vs: Reality based knowledge. Believers vs: disbelievers. I learned to leave the belief system way of NOT thinking and work to evolve my intellect discernment and MY personal Truth of Reality in order to write this paper.

My view: is that man first evolved imagination as his first and primary “thinking” mind. Then imagination invented what he thought Reality was/is. Then belief in what he imagined con-vinced himself, that what he imagined was real and true and he began to believe in himself and his beliefs as the source of all knowledge. Then the “commercialized, industrialized, weaponized authoritarian indoctrination belief systems” started and we are still suffering under the horrific 5000 year old belief system insanity. We simply have not yet evolved OUT of the ancient caves of “possible” superstition fantasy imagination created beliefs yet.

This is an AMAZING study that once again, would take volumes of research to fully parametrize all the implications and true reality of…IF a person has an interest.

Belief addiction:

I do like the word “unbelievable” because that is what I think of every belief now. I have become so skeptical and critical of beliefs that I discarded them all and started over building a new mind of intellect based knowledge and wisdom. I know it is strange to think of belief “as an addiction” but it has all the traits of an addiction. The same defense and anger while in the addiction. The denial belief that EVERYONE is or should be a believer. That their beliefs are true and real and everyone else not of their belief is wrong. Then after healing (deprogramming de-indoctrinating)…the aversion to the addition happens, as I am now experiencing. I’m actually fearful of beliefs now. An alcoholic or drug user knows he is finally arriving when he develops a fear of what addicted him. But the danger of slipping never ends. I have developed a great fear of slipping back into belief and even catch myself using the word believe on rare occasions. My goal is to never use it again.

Belief is a choice. A person must make a conscious decision to believe. The brain does not come with beliefs programed installed. Just as easily a person can decide to NOT believe. That is the “choice” I have made; to “NOT” believe in anything anymore. YES…it took time to deprogram and recover from the indoctrinated belief system addiction. But it has been the single most amazing and wonderful thing I have ever done for myself. My brain is happy and free and so am I, truly happy today, because I now know the difference between fantasy beliefs and true Reality.

“But how can you be sure you know what is true and real?” If I am unsure…that is “THE BEST” reason to NOT believe it. Fantasy and Reality are so much more enjoyable to me now, then when they were twisted and obfuscated into one “belief disbelief reality.”

Authoritarian belief systems:

Commercialized, industrialized and weaponized indoctrinated belief systems.

The power of belief to control is astounding. I is used to manipulate people into fraud scams and to fight in wars. Why people are so easily manipulated is very interesting. It takes willing participation for a belief scam to work. This incorporates “Trust” hope, faith even love. Belief is an emotion that plays on all the emotions. Belief that will send men into war is weaponized belief.

The authoritarian “controlling” belief system is used to manipulate for power and control. The psychological and physiological “cause and effect” ramifications and damage done to both person and societies are hidden right in front of us. “Hidden” in plain view. This is what the this study attempts to elucidate and uncover, the “secrets” of authoritarian beliefs. There should be volumes of books written on this subject alone. We could look at the “intent” of every war, dictator and governing power in history. But the one thing that is common to all…there are men at the top pushing plan that the people will believe in…one way or another…they WILL believe.

There is NO direct information of historic or current anomalies created by the authoritarian belief systems. But there is massive empirical evidence of wars and human atrocities that are and were created by the “symptoms” of the belief system. These belief systems have been utilized and perfected for over 5000 years. In the beginning it was simply forced with torture, murder and genocide but today it has morphed/evolved into mass illusion generated by propaganda beliefs and disinformation.

People are simply indoctrinated into the authoritarian belief system from birth and accept it as an integrated part of their lives as adults. And society rejects anyone that will not believe as they do, this is exactly what the authoritarians hope for. A divided people are easy to rule over. Unifying people with a “belief” gives them great power and wealth. The “belief entitlement” the most horrific of all beliefs and the foundation of all religious wars.

Belief power over the mind:

How belief has the power to take over and control the mind and brain is very fascinating to me.

The reality “invention” and creation of belief:

Belief is a mental tool of personal, social and industrial use. It does not exist any place other than in the brain. How did it get there? What is the history? My short analysis of “the most important event” in human history is that…the first real social impact of belief, was the “commercialization” that originated the authoritarian belief system. The “profiting” of belief preceded the authoritarian belief system.

From my view and vantage point…the afterlife commercialization came first, preceded by all the “gate keeper” gods, this one of the oldest of all beliefs. Beliefs simply explained everything that was then impossible for men to understand, without science knowledge and they had NONE. From nature to the universe…beliefs filled the bill and belief became the knowledge we still share today. Many beliefs are known as “superstitions.”

Knowledge is a subset of belief” is this true?:

To me: This statement is like saying “Reality is a subset of fantasy.” But for many this is actually true.

Ancient imagination created belief knowledge preceded our modern day science reality based knowledge.

Belief WAS knowledge for thousands of years and truly continues to be so today. So yes…indoctrinated education is HINGED on ancient beliefs. This is soooo perplexing that I simply cannot totally unravel all the beliefs out of knowledge. To me…real and true knowledge is our realization of real and true Reality. NOT of beliefs. This is beyond a huge study…IF…a person has an interest in Reality and NOT just beliefs.

3 Knowledge sources:

Universal knowledge.

Science empirical fact and proof knowledge.

Brain created belief based knowledge.

Is belief a choice?:

We learn by experience. ALL people have experienced authoritarian belief “education” in one of its many indoctrinated forms of belief systems but few have experienced NONE or NON belief. I speak from experience of both. Strangely, there are many that have experienced the belief in god and the non belief in god. They know the horrific mind control of god and religion belief. Yet they cling to the belief system even after giving up the religion, god and associated superstition fantasy beliefs; these are “symptoms” of belief and a small part of all the beliefs that exist.

Those that attempt to deny people of their non belief do not have that right. Those saying that non belief cannot exist simply do not speak from experience. I can tell you from experience that the mental mind control and pain of belief is the most horrific hell a person can experience on earth. Leaving the belief system brings a clarity of Truth IN Reality and eliminates or greatly diminishes hate, bigotry, racism, fear, anger and ego that belief creates. NO beliefs brings back peace of mind, clarity of Reality and expands intellect thinking. NO belief brings a feeling of release that is “beyond belief.”

There is only one way to truly know if non belief is right for you. And that is to experience it. You cannot make a judgment call based on NO experience. Yet people continue to defend belief as though their very life depends on belief. This is one of the strangest physiological anomalies there is to study. Yet NO ONE…is making a study of what belief itself is. Belief only exists in the mind. And it can also NOT exist in the mind. This “IS” a choice…and…the choice is YOURS.

What ever only exists in the mind can be corrected or eliminated in the mind. IF…a person chooses.

“Finding Truth and Realty” is NOT a “path”…it is a process. Truth and Reality are already inside your head. It is simply sorting out all the fantasy superstitions and false belief created “reality” that is the process.

Truth or belief?:

What is Truth? I hear this question all the time. My simple analogy is that…Truth exists only in the mind…as does belief. There is NO Truth or belief in the universe. Truth (knowledge) is what a person generates from his study of Reality…the universe. A “perfect Truth” would be a “perfect realization” of Reality…the universe and all it contains. To me: if you have to “believe it” into Reality…it is NOT Truth.

That was my short version…once again…volumes could and should be written about Truth. A complete explanation of Truth. would then also be, a complete explanation of the universe and all it contains. That explanation is NOT going to happen any time soon. Don’t look for a peer review study on Truth.

The POWER of belief and the effect on the mind:

It’s hard to pin point how the power of belief came to be in history. Personally invented or indoctrinated a belief closes the mind as a “certainty.” Opinions are dangerous in that it is a step toward creating a belief. But most people will not become adversarial over an opinion. But over a belief…there can be a physical danger to anyone that will appose or share information damaging to a persons beliefs or belief system.

The power of belief to take over a man…to close his mind and protect his beliefs with adversarial confrontations is one of the most amazing human anomalies of beliefs.

Is it time to consider the real importance of beliefs? Are beliefs truly worthy of the death and destruction, hate, slander and murder that protection of them has and is creating?

Is belief thinking truly about “thinking?” Belief certainty:

The anomaly of “belief certainty” is of paramount interest to me. How belief freezes the brain, repels intellectual discernment and analyzation tools…to protect the belief at all cost. Truly there is NO thinking in belief at all. There is ONLY believing. This one of the greatest dangers of belief…the destruction of intellectual thought process.

Imagination and intellect discernment:

Imagination without intellect discernment creates beliefs. The brain the ability to analyze anything with intellect and discernment…this a “modern” ongoing evolution. Belief…is a certainty that blocks all reason thinking in defense of itself. Belief creates an imagery image of Reality and then feeds it back as real. Imagination is ancient, our original “primeval” thinking mind. Imagination was been and is paramount to mankind and is the reason for our evolution of our intelligence and technology.

Intellect is a later evolution thinking part of the brain. It is not yet as powerful and instinctive as the imagination. Imagination can run on its own or a person may also invoke imagination with intellect. So it is possible to think with both intellect and imagination. However, it is the job of intellect to discern what is imagined for true and real reality based logic. This combination “thinking” process is what seems to be slow in evolution time.

If intellect discernment is not invoked to put imagination in check…then yes…the brain simply invents what it thinks is real, this is the job it has been doing since the dawn of mankind. Few know or understand what intellect is, intellect being a later evolved part of the thinking brain. Intellect is not a true instinctive part of the thinking brain like imagination is. Everyone is born with imagination intact. that it must be developed/evolved just like intelligence. We have even allowed science to run away into the imaginary fantasy land of “theoretical” calling it science and people LOVE it…because they love to believe. Reality is just no fun to most people. If short on intellect…you will be long on beliefs.

If left on its own unchecked by intellect…the brain will produce a 100% “reality”out of imaginary inventions, this creating a 100% belief built structured “reality” this being little more than fantasy invention. This how the primary brain works and has since the beginning. Imagination is our primary (though primitive) “thinking” brain. The brain does its best to analyze and perceive Reality. However it takes willing participation to invoke combination thinking. “YOU” have to be involved and in control. Other wise…your imaginary brain will control you.

Discernment thinking involves: Fact checking all available information in an unbiased search, analyzing all information for validation (note anal in anal-yzing), using common sense, logic and reason, intuition, gut feelings, NOT believing until ALL data is subject to intensive scrutiny for real Truth IN Reality.

Belief thinking: None…just believing. In fact, belief apposes and closes the brain to thinking. Thinking is a danger to beliefs. Thinking can lead to knowledge and wisdom…and the bible Genesis god said that is a sin…because this will expose lies and fantasy…like god. Imagination can create a belief in a split second. Truly imagination is the superior dominant thinking mind of mankind. This domination needs to come to an end and duality thinking needs to fully evolve. THIS…the path to human kind.

Science beliefs:

Science is busy feeding people theoretical, theories and hypothesis claiming that science is “commonly accepted” and “settled” and mathematically “proven” validated…that it is the best explanation or model we have today…so you must believe it. AND people LOVE their belief fantasies so much that it take little or no coxing for people to believe. It’s fun to believe! Reality is just to darn confusing because they have to “think” rationally about it. Mankind has evolve in his imaginary mind and that is where he is most comfortable. The thinking rationalizing mind of intellect is simply uncomfortable for most people.

Science today has also fallen into the trap of belief fantasy simply because that is what most people want and love… Fantasy makes good copy. Science chases its imaginary theoretical inventions and attempts to prove them as real, totally supported by the majority. FUNDING is huge money at stake in who creates the best fantasy to chase. The best fantasy becomes the “settled science” of today.

In truth…reality is so far beyond our ability to imagine, that today, with the wealth of real and true discoveries…the day of using imagination and belief creation, has become a hindrances to real empirical science. We need to start to follow where the evidence leads us, instead of forcing the evidence to fit the imaginary fantasies we invent for the universe to fit in…so we can believe. Duality thinking is absolutely PARAMOUNT if real truths are to be discovered.

Reducing the universe with beliefs, to fit inside our heads, is NOT going to create real and true Reality based knowledge.

Belief “entitlements”:

Truly…THE most horrific and dangerous of all beliefs has been the belief entitlement. This belief has supported and promoted THE most horrific examples of mans inhumanity to man ever recorded. AND it continues to this day.

I see the advent of the “God’s protection and authority over people and lands” given to one group of people for domination over all other people and the world as the beginning of the end to the golden age of science, wisdom and universal discovery. This may have started with one group but it soon was adopted by all groups in response as a way to combat the “holy righteous” wars that were falling upon people at the hand of the entitlement believer armies.

The premiss of authoritarian gods…that wanted to control and dominate…was handed down to a specific group to do battle in gods name and claim what god gave them as his chosen people. Truly…NO war stratagem has worked as well as this one has and still does. The race to crate new gods for new authoritarian groups has been nothing short of mind boggling amazing.

This is STILL the premiss of every religion…no matter what they claim to be…they are authoritarian and working toward worlds supremest domination. Some enjoy the “benign” approach of peace and love while other still enjoy the original format of war, slaughter, rape and murder. But the bottom line of ALL religions and gods are complete and total submission…if you want the peace and love offered you. Other wise many forms of eternal damnation await you.

This is simply the “belief stratagem” system at its very worst!!!! That is absolutely NO doubt that this system needs to be eradicated from the minds of mankind. How this can be accomplished amicably is the the largest question looming over this belief atrocity.

To me: if there is truly “good” in gods and religion belief…the good will remain, even if the belief is gone. Because…belief is imaginary existing only in the mind…and the good of and in mankind is real.

Why are people drawn to fantasy over reality?

Protection of belief ideology as a “right”:

The statements that beliefs should be protected under constitutional law as a right is one for great debate. Ideologies have empirically proven themselves to create the most horrific of all inhumanities to man ever recorded. Thousands of years of war and persecution center around ideology beliefs. The world supremacy of every ideology creates the greatest separation of mankind. Ideology morality dictates virtually every aspect of human life. Ideology creates hate, anger, rage, genocide and war. In short: Ideology beliefs have created the worst humanity disaster ever known. So what exactly is it that we are protecting, supporting and promoting?

Once again…this is a HUGE study. Ideology began as superstitions and imagination invention answers for everything from the sun, moon, earth, weather, the universe and even human behaviors. Science methods had not yet been invented. Giving rise to the belief system and the power of accepting belief as true and real grew. This later giving rise to the “commercialized” “industrialized” “weaponised” authoritarian belief systems we see today in virtually everything.

To me: If we would remove the beliefs..what would remain? Obviously we would be forced to work on real questions and answers instead of belief generating answers. Because this enters the area of real problems solving I will stop here because once again we are talking about volumes of ideas and information generation to solve this 5000 year old problem.

Belief as morality:

The belief system of morality that basically uses the normal natural emphatic nature of man, takes our natural morality and converts them into authoritarian beliefs. Ideology also piles on a host of “god based sin” morality that rides high on the normal morality of human kind. I’m not going to write much about this here. The level of ludicrous is simply to much for me or this short paper.

Stockholm syndrome psychological belief:

This stratagem is used to control a person or captor by ridicule and demeaning a person striping them of their self worth and esteem. It is evident in abusive relationships most notably by a man over a women con-vincing her that no one but her abuse would want or love her and con-vinceing her that she is lucky to have him. Many women will stay even when physical abuse is used on her. This even works with people that have been kidnapped and forcibly enslaved to their captor.

We see this system used in religion beliefs that demean and demoralize a person also striping them of their individuality to con-vince them they are nothing with out the love of god. That they must give up all that they are…empty themselves to be filled up with the glory of god and summit to a life time of servitude to god and the financial support of the church corporation to archive acceptance into the gate community of the afterlife. This is nothing but a business that uses brain washing for profit and control.

I am not going to spend a lot of time here on this subject because it is one of the most horrific of all belief systems that exist to me and in urgent need of massive amounts of attention drawn to it. The Stockholm’s syndrome authoritarian systems should not only be a subject of deep debate among the people but SHOULD also be taken to the courts to process for legality. Personally I feel that mental abused at this level should be prosecutable and a class action law suit leveled by those that have been mentally harmed and tortured by religion corporations using this form of belief brain control stratagem.

Generational belief stratagems:

Should we continue to protect authoritarian belief systems?:

Realizing and understanding how the authoritarian belief system came to be is amazingly interesting and also a HUGE study in itself. Some of it is extremely obvious and some of it is obscure or even an ancient “secret” that must be extrapolated and gleaned from a historical and cause and effect study. Once again I am only going to share a small analogy to create realization and awareness thinking.

The first major step was making the ancient belief inventions of gods into authoritarian gods that “leaders/rulers” professed to be “working” for. Some elevated themselves as gods. But the premiss was they were controlling the people “for” god and doing what god wanted…or gods will. This part is easy to see and understand. This was the time for war gods and overt power pressure meted out by torture, murder and genocide to force people to accept and believe whatever belief story the rulers were professing.

Time passed and the numbers of people grew. The overt war methodology of forcing belief onto the people was becoming way to expensive and unprofitable. The people simply were unhappy and unhappy people are none productive. So new beliefs were generated with a message of peace, love, freewill, peace and liberty…to make people believe that the gods and authoritarian governments truly cared and had a concern for them, their happiness and well being. The advent of the “self imposed slave system” of governing was born.

Laws were invented and if people simply obeyed them…they would for the most part be “free” and remain unmolested…as long as the proper amount of penance or tax was paid. All and all a MUCH better system than “ownership” or war genocide forced slavery. This self submission provided an easier system for rule over greater numbers of people and generated much better profits for the authoritarians.

This in a nut shell is basically the belief system that is being indoctrinated into the people today. The message of peace, love, prosperity, freewill, liberty, limited government and people having power over their governments has created an amazing time for the common man. This belief system still has overt powers over the people, meted out with “law and order” and has the lingering threat of capital punishment fear mongering but all in all still the best slavery belief system ever invented so far.

Obviously the question is…is this level of deceit, denial and willful ignorance really necessary for a “civilized” society to exist? This is a huge question for myself. Is exposing this belief system beneficial or would it create more chaos and downfall? Is it possible for mankind to survive knowing the real Truth of Reality of is it better to leave them in the belief system fantasy? Moving forward and away from the ancient systems of authoritarian belief system rule…what truly would be the better options? Obviously this little paper is not going to solve that monster question.

AFTERLIFE” “safe or saved passage” belief:

This short paper would not be complete without a brief look at the history, cause and effect of the afterlife belief.

In the beginning: The fear of death is as old as mankind himself. Survival instincts were and are the first paramount instinct evolved for ALL life. Fight or flight. The weeds moved…RUN!!! Obviously, not wanting to be killed and die is at the heart of the survival instinct. Pretty easy to realize as true.

As our believing brain began to generate all the belief fantasies of reality and superstitions, a belief was invented to conquer death, this belief defeated death with the afterlife invention…in the brain anyway, the brain the home of all beliefs.

The evolution of the afterlife spans pretty much the history of man. BUT…the advent of the “commercialized” afterlife…to me…is the greatest pivotal point for the turn of mankind from reality and science…devolving into the this fantasy afterlife belief system. NOTHING has impacted our human lives MORE than the afterlife belief and continues to this very day. In fact…it appears to be gaining strength as more and more fear is generated by the war mongering authoritarians. (The “war belief mongering authoritarians” also a huge study.)

Brief history: The afterlife “commercialization” was first and most notably apparent when the Egyptians invented the “safe passage” belief based business. Their interpretation was that the path to the afterlife was guarded by many gods that the “traveler” would encounter. The “nirvana” goal is not really very clear but there was obviously some kind of goal intent. This was the first herald of authoritarian religion belief, in that, the Pharisee/Pharaohs held the keys that had to be purchased from them to appease the gods. The afterlife business was born. They were “travel agents” of sorts and “travel plans” were devised for everyone from the rich to the poor. Of course the richer you were was paramount because it took massive wealth to collect the very best travel plan thereby increasing the odds for the “safe passage” to the afterlife of blissful comfort and peace.

This also produced the first “bible” of how a man must interact with the gods. The “Book of the dead.” This book was only for the very rich and was sold page by page at a price that at this time was beyond the reach of most “travelers” even owning ONE page was considered a huge example of opulence and many people spent everything they had to own just one page. Each page was “carefully” hand crafted and personalized for each individual and blessed by the most high order of men that were in contact with the gods…a great sales pitch and lends to the reason for the exorbitant cost. The mummification process was also done by stages ranging from cheap to very expensive (mummification now called embalming that still adds great cost.) The belief then and now is that the process of leaving some remains of a body necessary for the resurrection of the body…one day. OK…trying not to LOL>

The afterlife belief also invented the “funeral” business that has flourished to this day. Beyond the cost of the traveler’s Book of the dead, was the high end burials. Tombs ranged from mere holes in the ground (most use the dirt hole today, the very low end using cremation, scatter the ashes, forever forgotten…my choice after my organ donations) to pyramid structures (called mausoleums today.) The decoration, trinkets used to appease/give to the gods on the journey also ran up the bill beyond measure. Even boats were built to bury with the traveler to assist him on his journey (they never went anywhere and are still there or in museums but no matter.) The greatest funeral and burial examples a shock, awe and wonder spectral that millions traveled to see and still do to this very day. Truly, dying was of the greatest interest to the men of old and has persisted to this very day. Women…were never a part of this process.

SAVED” passage belief. The advent of theocratic authoritarianism:

The Egyptian afterlife monopoly and polytheism began to break up as more authoritarians wanted to get in on the scam. The smell of huge profits, power and control to much for the true narcissistic, sociopath authoritarian to simply ignore. So…the new kid on the block invented the Monotheism god and designed a cheaper better travel plan that was more “poor” people respectful, kind and loving. A new afterlife “travel agency” was born and the “saved passage” conceived.

It was simply unfair that only the rich should be allowed to make it to the afterlife, so cheaper and easier methods were developed…the power and profits being increased by the numbers of believers growing (allowed in) and the profits actually increasing by the shear volume of people contributing into the afterlife fund. (I’m not sure what it cost to run this afterlife but it must be staggering.)

This new plan was very advantageous, in that a person only need appease ONE god instead of hundreds of them. Tho once again, this afterlife nirvana is not really made clear…if it is the same or a different “heaven” from the Egyptians, is not known (possibly there are simply different gates and monitors into the gated community of believers.) Of course, this created many battles of the gods and the clear winner is still raging today, with hundreds of apposing beliefs, in what exactly this one god is? But no matter…the afterlife believers persevere, powered by their belief, that their belief, that is supported by their faith, that their one perfect and real belief, is the real and true belief… (No…I will NOT LOL.)

The greats advantage is that the “saved passage” afterlife travelers only have ONE “gate keeper” god to contend with and not hundreds to buy off. The nice thing is that a person only has to totally submit himself in total prostration, praise and worship and promise all that he has or will have, his wealth and family, to the one god gate keeper and believe everything he has came from his belief in his god…

Well…this is really not that much to ask of a god for an eternity of afterlife bliss is it? And really…what is an eternity of 24-7 bent knee praise and worship when you can “live” and hang out with god himself? Pretty good deal really. Oh…but wait… Even thought the theory is that all you need do is ask for forgiveness (even though you are totally unworthy being born of sin) and “poof” your in…there are a few things that are said to help appease and insure your saved passage.

First, not only are you required to praise, worship and submit for eternity in the afterlife…you have to do it here on earth in your real life. You also need to submit to a religion and “the” correct and real Church and god…and pay fees ranging from weekly donations to 10% tithing and helping to run the church as a volunteer for god also helps make god happy. And your life is overseen at every level from birth, baptism, communion, catechism, marriage and death…all licensed and supervised by the church and their gate keeper…but hey…we are talking about the afterlife here right? So I guess it is once again no big deal. Oh…and believers need also hate everyone in a bigoted racist manner if they are NOT of a specific belief…because each person is the only one that knows for sure what religion and god are the right one (but they are told to claim they actually love this “enemy of god.” Man…can I LOL now?)

This is just a short list about the “saved” gate keeper stratagem but we can see how this afterlife has grown horrifically disproportionate from the old Egyptian day. And to be honest…it looks to me like the Egyptian deal was not really that bad after all compared to now!

Obviously there is a Websters dictionary size study that can be done on the afterlife scam. As I said…this is simply a very short analogy that has one intention…to share my realizations in hope that others will begin to think and analyze the real problems and issues that are preventing mankind from evolving into human kind. ALL the belief created problems man is facing…are created by ourselves. Normal problems are simply how life and nature work. Why are we making what is normal and natural so incredibly harder than it needs to be?

Belief existed before knowledge before science…this the reason so many still call knowledge a subset of belief. For many this is still true…but for some…we have taken the belief OUT of our lives and knowledge is a subset of NOTHING…true and real knowledge stands alone without beliefs…as it should. Real Truth stands alone without beliefs. Reality is Reality…even without man and his imaginary beliefs.

What is creating the belief disbelief insanity?

The 5000 year history of insanity over what is real and what is not stands as clear empirical evidence in all the horrific inhumanities, wars and genocide. This is NOT up for debate…this is a real and true REALITY. Obviously someone is literally crazy insane in this argument. Is it the believers or disbelievers…or is it a combination of both?

This has been a “war” over what “must” be believed being forced onto all people. Believers simply do NOT have any give or take in the matter, their “belief” do NOT allow for it. Any person that will not capitulate and submit to the belief is by default the enemy.

Disbelievers realize that what the believers promote as “reality” simply is NOT Reality and the fantasy fiction and superstitions are not real. But why would a person set themselves up as an enemy over something they know is not real? Truly…to disbelieve would first take a belief that something is real and then a disbelief applied. This simply make no logical sense.

Truly disbelief is simply a negative belief and a critical part of the belief system. Those that “submit” to the stratagem of the believers allowing themselves to be called atheist and then identifying themselves as atheist…have fallen into a trap set by the theists. Theist NEED people to appose to keep the war over mankind alive.

Once again the sanity of the argument fails me. How is it possible that people build an identity around disbelieving in something they know does not exist…and that they know is being used to promote great pain, suffering and inhumanities?

Obviously this war of belief disbelief cannot propagate and be supported without the willful participation of both. The insanity is being created by the masses themselves. There simply is no way to apply true logic or reason to this issue and problem.

Secular agnostic support of insanity:

This group of people profess a realization that the superstitions and fantasy beliefs are not real. Yet then claim that people have a right to believe as they wish even with the horrific evidence of what the beliefs are creating.

To me when I hear “you have the right to believe what you want” I hear “you have the right to delusional insanity that is perpetuating the most horrific evil on mankind ever recorded.”

I’m not sure what is worse…the delusional insanity or those that willingly support its continuation?

Deprogramming rehabilitating and freeing the “thinking” brain:

To fix a problem…one must first realize there IS a problem.

The process of correcting and freeing the thinking brain starts with a “realization” of how dependent we have become on belief and disbelief. The easiest way is to begin to pay attention to how often you use the words belief, don’t believe or I believe. And notice how many times each day you hear those words from other people and on TV or radio. When I first started this process I tried to keep count of how many times in a day I heard those words but soon lost count. It shocked me to realize how totally dependent we are on the belief system.

The next step is to learn to eliminate those words from your vocabulary. Trying/learning to talk without them. I soon found that it is almost impossible to talk about anything without them. One way is to begin to use “know or don’t know” in place of belief/believe or disbelieve/I don’t believe.

When the brain is not forced to accept belief or disbelief as an “answer” and when you take away the brains ability to use belief/disbelief as a “choice” the brain is then engaged in the “thinking processes” of learning how to expand “knowing” or figure out how to change “not knowing” into knowing. Belief disbelief does not expand anything at all.

Knowing has the problem of proof validation and that is the reason you don’t hear many say they “know” something. Belief…is accepted as a belief…and is not subjected to the same rigorous empirical analogy questioning that a true “certainty” of knowing is subjected to. Belief is a form of “certainty” that does not question nor does it allow for questions to be asked of it (this a very strange anomaly.) Where a “knowing certainty” fully expects to be subjected to proving “how” the knowing is validated and supported. If a knowing cannot prove how it knows…than it is only a belief.

The belief system lives in a kind of “bubble” of real world knowledge protection. Most people simply do not believe their beliefs NEED to be supported by evidence. People “get” to believe as they wish and live in their belief protected shell of “created certainty reality” and “validate their beliefs” because other believers believe like they do or at least they believe they do. Believers have a kind of “cult” like mentality that is not affected by real world “knowing” pressures to validate their beliefs. Believers simply get to “think” and even act as they “chose” because they believe…no other reason or validation is needed other than the belief itself. AND they will “demand” that their beliefs be “respected” no matter how ridiculous the belief may be. This is seriously very strange behavior but is accepted as “normal” by almost every person on earth.

So yes, it is true that when the “comfort” zone of belief is striped away, it leaves a person feeling very disorientated at first. When we realize that nearly all our beliefs are truly a “I don’t know” the vulnerability can be overwhelming. The shock of realizing how complicit we were/are at deluding ourselves into belief fantasy is a real shock to the inner self. The conflicting emotions of leaving a fantasy world for real Truth IN Reality will bring both tears of joy and pain as the brain works to heal itself from the abuse of being locked in a cage of “non thinking” belief world fantasy. When the chains of belief are removed the brain is free to think and analyze EVERYTHING.

So why would a person choose to leave the safe comfortable “ignorance is bliss” fantasy world of belief? It is totally dependent on how dedicated a person is to finding and knowing REAL Truth and Reality. If a person has no “need or want” to know real Truth and Reality…then there really is NO need to leave the fantasy world of belief…and the imagined world of “enemies” racist, bigoted, hating, warring, genocidal mankind can stay exactly as it is for another 5000 years of belief created insanity.

Born an atheist belief:

I have been working, writing, editing this paper for about 4 months now and I was NOT going to get into the area of religion beliefs. But I am seeing the atheist movement heading toward yet another belief disaster. I have always been supportive of the atheist movement because I think they are trying to head in the right direction. I also thought I would find commonality and camaraderie with them…NO…I have not and in fact they are just as insulting and slanderous as theist are toward me and my work. So I feel I simply must make a few comments about my feelings about the Atheistic movement.

Much argument is made of atheist being a belief or a religion. What I do see is that the atheists have all the aspects of theist, the same anger, hate and rage…they simply have eliminated ONE belief…god. Ironically I thought that the “waking” of god belief insanity would promote atheist to realize that all beliefs are dangerous but that is not true. I find that atheist are just as venomous about belief support as theist…they simply don’t support ONE belief…that of god. Obviously this makes me sad because I truly held out high hopes for the atheistic movement. But I see them careening toward a “disbelief” form of religion cult like behavior that identifies with their disbelief just as theist identify with their belief. Atheism uses NO god as their god.

The nearly hilarious thing is that the atheist disbelieve in what they believe to be a fantasy and not real in reality. They use disbelief as a belief. They disbelieve in what they profess to be not real. How can you disbelieve in something that you know does not exist? You would first have to believe that it exists and than disbelieve in it for it to be a real disbelief. Belief and disbelief are the same thing. Both exist because something does not exist in Reality. If it was real…there would be no reason to believe it and disbelief of what is real is simply insanity delusion.

There are many things both theist and atheist claim that upset me but the movement that “we are born atheist” angers me beyond my ability to convey. Dragging babies into this ridiculous argument of belief and disbelief is abhorrent. The indoctrination process of children into theism is beyond my ability to share my anger also. The actually “brain washing” of baptism a stark visual real abomination.

The brain to me is one of natures most amazing creations. And a babies brain…what could be more amazing and pure. But to make a claim that a new brain has belief and disbelief already programed into it…is simply beyond an rational thinking…and beyond my ability to convey how utterly and completely I appose this abhorrent assertion. I simply don’t have enough cuss words to explain how fully I detest this assertion.

Obviously I am saddened that the atheist and secular are fully aware of the dangers of theism. Yet the secular are the only ones that truly support religion freedom…which is like supporting continued hate and war insanity to me. And the atheist have allowed themselves to fall into the theist trap to be used and abused as the “enemy” of theism which is the fuel they seek to inflame their…anger, hate and rage. So is it the anger, hate and rage that the atheist are afraid to let go of? Are negative emotions really more important to most people over real peace?

Without theism, atheism would never have been invented. And to claim that babies are atheist and a part of this ridiculous insanity beyond my ability to comprehend. I will simply end my rant about it. I think I have made my point and feelings clear. But in truth I would love to beat this subject into a book. But I would also be doing nothing more than inciting hate and anger and that is the opposite of my intentions.

Truth “IN” Reality:

Bottom line to me: If we continue to invent what Reality is from imagination and believe what we invent is Reality…we will NEVER know what real and true Truth “IN” Reality is.

The end of this paper.

Side notes and food for thought:

My intentions are being misread. I have NO answers or beliefs to share. I have worked to analyze what the real problems are and uncover the roots of the issues. I share what I have discovered because “realization” must come before any real answers can happen. We are not even to the questions yet and that is what my papers attempt to create…questions.

If left on its own unchecked by intellect…the brain will produce a 100% “reality” out of imaginary inventions this creating a 100% belief built “reality.” Just the way the brain works. Imagination is our primary (though primitive) “thinking” brain. The brain does its best to analyze Reality…but it is a participation sport…”YOU” have to be involved.

Discernment thinking involves: Fact checking all available information in an unbiased search, analyzing all information for validation (note anal in anal-yzing), using common sense, logic,, reason, intuition, gut feelings and NOT believing until ALL data is subject to intensive scrutiny for real Truth IN Reality. (Or simply skip belief all together…that is what I learned to do.)

Belief thinking: None…just believing. In fact, belief apposes and closes the brain to thinking. Thinking is a danger to beliefs. Thinking can lead to knowledge and wisdom…and god said that is a sin…because this will expose lies and fantasy…like god.

Imagination without intellect discernment creates beliefs. This the very reason the brain has a program called intellect and discernment…this a “modern” evolution. Belief…is a certainty that blocks all reason thinking in defense of itself. Belief creates an imagery image of Reality and then feeds it back as real. Imagination is ancient and was our first thinking mind and is the program that creates belief. If intellect discernment is not used to put imagination in check…then yes…the brain simply invents what it thinks is real. Few know or understand what intellect is or that it must be developed/evolved just like intelligence. We have even allowed science to run away into the imaginary fantasy land of “theoretical” calling it science and people LOVE it…because they love to believe. Reality is just no fun to most people. Short on intellect…long on beliefs.

Beliefs predate all history and is as old and ancient as imagination itself. NO ONE has ever truly questioned what belief is, how it operates and the effect it has on the mind. Imagination is our original thinking mind and both operate on automatic like moving your hand…you don’t really know how you do it…it just happens. THIS is what my study and research is about. The history of imagination and belief, the belief systems. 30 years of study and research has scarcely scratched the surface of the amazing mind of belief. I enjoy sharing what I have found and discovered so far.

Personal beliefs:

Each of us by way of self determination or experience or by indoctrination. But why do our personal beliefs become so important to us that we what others share our beliefs?


About sk1951

I think people are very sincere about their faiths and beliefs. It is their good heart and intentions that makes them vulnerable to deceptions and deceit. My life was indoctrination from birth into religion and for 40 years I was completely absorbed by it. But my insatiable desire for knowledge led me away from it. Then I went through an anger phase of hurt over my stupidity. Then I lost my anger about churches, gods and religion because it was really about belief. Then I realized that belief was simply a tool used to obfuscate twist and hide Truth for power and control by the Authoritarians of everything from science to medicine to religion to governments. Now I simply try to share the experiences I progressed through. What people make of it I have no control over. But my heart and intentions are pure and free of deception, agenda or beliefs. Just Truth as I have come to know it.
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