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Picture found in Egypt. Ancient Egyptian depiction of “God”  and his spinning wheel “forming” man into what he wanted. Man was “molded” into what the Elite wanted. Not created. Man was simply clay in the hands of the Elite known … Continue reading

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I’m not mad at God…

I’m not mad at God… The world is in a horrible turmoil over Gods and religion. The supremest wars have been going on for thousands of years. Each new religion claims to have the best new God and the only … Continue reading

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SUMARIANS FIRST WROTE THE “BIBLE” Sumerian writings were the originators of Mythology and wrote the stories found in the bible Genesis fairy tales. CUNEIFORM clay tablets from 4000 BC were mostly for accounting and sales records. But some stories were … Continue reading

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RULED BY GOD I am a basic ignoramus when it comes to Gods because I have never met or talked to one. But I see and hear people saying we must turn to God for our country to be saved. … Continue reading

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