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Belief is not real. My story of Truth. This is what I have seen: The “path” takes you away from Truth. Truth is inside you. Christianity as all religions, are simply written by men to be complicated and confusing degrading … Continue reading

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Picture found in Egypt. Ancient Egyptian depiction of “God”  and his spinning wheel “forming” man into what he wanted. Man was “molded” into what the Elite wanted. Not created. Man was simply clay in the hands of the Elite known … Continue reading

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DO WE EVER “FIND” TRUTH? WHERE IS IT? CAN IT BE FOUND? MY ANSWER: The great SEARCH FOR TRUTH, seeking and walking endless paths, looking up to glory, always looking away. Are these searches simply fairytale or were they a … Continue reading

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GOD and YOU in Simplification

GOD and YOU in Simplification Because the world is accustomed to the works of the Bible I will use it. Believers believe that God CREATED man. Genesis 1:26 “Let “us” make Man in “our” image, after “our” likeness.” Genesis 2:7: … Continue reading

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Is the Easter Bunny evil?

Is the Easter Bunny evil? It’s fun to toy with young ignorant gullible little imagination minds with imagery and mythology entities like Santa Clause that rewards kids with presents for being good, Rabbits that lay colored eggs and hides them … Continue reading

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SUMARIANS FIRST WROTE THE “BIBLE” Sumerian writings were the originators of Mythology and wrote the stories found in the bible Genesis fairy tales. CUNEIFORM clay tablets from 4000 BC were mostly for accounting and sales records. But some stories were … Continue reading

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PUBLIC PRAYER GUIDELINES This is a very serious problem not only in America but all over the world and truly needs some kind of rational thinking from both sides of this issue. This war and separation between the Christian God … Continue reading

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